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  • I think this is my favorite Field Guide yet, all of the projects are stunning and useful.

    • Love the color and the faux turtle neck design of the swarf. Could it be transformed into a knitted sleeveless sweater? Just continue down the back to match the front. Then sew the sides. Probably some adjustment for arm holes so they are more finished. I love the idea of not having bulky sleeves, but I would like to be able to wear it even without a jacket.

      • Looks like the “swarf” sizes vary only in length, so you would have to make sure the width was sufficient!

    • perfect timing for me!! I wanted a marled sweater!!

  • Gorgeous designs. Congratulations, this looks like another amazing field guide.

  • On my needles – the Color Explosion throw.
    For the first run with this pattern I’m making a smaller version baby blanket in a washable cotton. It’s a fun easy pattern great for TV and travel knitting. After that then the full blown Rowan Tweed version for me.
    See you in Nash-Vegas on Sat. for the knit in at MDK World Headquarters.

    • Woo hoo!

    • Wish I could be there with you. Have a beverage and think of me.

    • What a great idea to use all the felted tweed colors!!!

  • could you substitute Tvinni for the tynd or could they be used together. d

  • I’ve got my field guide and ordered yarn for several projects. The scarf and hat. Maybe I’ll try the sweater at a later date. I wish I could be in Nashvill but that’s not possible so I’ll wait for Zoom. Happy Marling.

  • Wow! A swarf for Kay to add to her swoncho and skort! A new throw for Kermit! (Cecilia’s designs look great!)

  • I love these designs! But also: Where can I get that purple coat the model is wearing????

  • A marl convert here! My lifelong dislike of marling was instantly flipped to “must do marling now” after seeing these pictures. But seriously, that dickey thingie needs to be a vest. Easily converted, of course, but odd as is.

  • swarf. Need the swarf. Will add a back to it… me thinks.

  • What the price per ball for the Swarf in Canadian dollars?

  • I think that the swarf is pure genius, warm, light (not bulky), and very pretty. The projects are lovely, especially the blanket, which is drop dead gorgeous!

  • $275.

  • Will you be having kits for the sweater? I love Cecelia’s colors for the sweater so much!!

  • I’ve loved marls since I first saw the long discontinued Classic Elite Beatrice. Ideas for a marled sweater have been swirling in my brain for a few months. This field guide couldn’t have come at a better time.

  • This is going to be such joy to explore. I’ve got a not insubstantial quantity of lace weights ready to marl.

  • Oh…such good, beautiful ideas and knits. LOVE this workbook. Serious lace weight games starting soon.

  • Cecelia and MDK are what my knitting dreams are made of. Great Field Guide!!

  • Thanks to a wonderful long-time knitting friend, I am now hooked on MDK! I just downloaded Marls 19 and, even though it’s difficult to choose a favorite, SWARF is at the top of my To Knit pile. It’s perfect for pulling on over a cotton turtleneck. Marlogram Scarf next and then Spectra Sweater with those necessary vertical stripes 😉 . . . There just aren’t enough hours in a day!