Staycation sale begins now! We just added these babies to the Sale page—save 20% now!

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  • I’ll be forever in his debt for getting me to watch Pretend It’s a City.
    And it’s early, raining, and I couldn’t make up my mind which Destination scarf bundle to get so I had to get both of them. Two scarfs? Something else entirely?

  • I wish I could knit faster so I could buy more kits, but I have a backlog!

  • We just had an 11 day paintcation. For all that time, it seems like we should have gotten more than 3 rooms done, but! The house is 200 years old. There was patching. I did my first whole wall skim-coating. We did the ceilings, we did the patching, we did the trim. We taught the children how to cut in and how to roll and how to look for drips.
    I want a staycation now, but now it’s all school prep. Allllll the laundry, the slow shifting of schedules to get children out the door at gawdawful hours of the morning.

  • I fully agree with the above statements about DG Strong, I look forward to his posts all week. I just bought the new Yola album!

  • I do love Snippets and DG Strong and read every single post. I am so tempted by your yarn and accessory offers, but the Canadian dollar and the cost of shipping stop me. When I lived in Phoenix I ordered from several American online sites (didn’t know you then), but since moving back home it just doesn’t compute. Wish it wasn’t so… I’m not asking you to change anything, just wishful thinking here!

  • I’m hoping you all are safe from hurricane Henri on both ends of the east coast Nashville and New York. We’re hanging out in the smoke & are way too close to the Caldor Fire. Highway 50 is closed one exit above us. I’m looking forward to browsing the Staycation goodies and participating
    in all those other fun events. I’ll be knitting away because the air is horrid. Be safe and well. Prayers to those in the flooding.

  • Ohhhh, yes, permission for a staycation. Thank you. Working on the little mitts from Beginnings, a first attempt with teeny, tiny yarn and teeny, tiny needles. Have ripped out and restarted multiple times (slipped stitches, odd little “fixed” stitches, split yarn) but I think I am finally in a groove. Love it.

  • Fran is fabulous! As a NY”a”- my pronunciation, I have her essay book. Met Ann and Kay at my first Rhinebeck and just found you on Insta. Now to scout DG. I’m a bookseller!

  • I love all of DG’s recommendations, and I also enjoy his articles here at MDK!