Whitman, Alabama

December 6, 2020

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  • Virginia Mae is a treasure.

    • This was beautiful. I’ve listening/reading for an hour. Thank you.

      • Wonderful does not describe this. OT is way above wonderful and enlightening. Thank you!

  • So beautiful! Thanks so much for posting. I’m sharing with friends.

  • Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  • What a great video! Let us walk the path of words well spoken.

  • Fascinating project. I’ve been looking at different episodes for the past hour and subscribed to the YouTube channel. Thx for sharing this;)

  • This is better than church….

  • With much appreciation and great gratitude.

  • I have been reading a lot during 2020; fiction, non-fiction, and poetry in constant rotation ( Whitman, e.e. cummings, Shel Silverstein, Nikki Giovanni, and collections). The written word has been good for my soul more so this year than ever before.

  • Wow thank you

  • Wowie-zowie. This is a doozie, for sure. I watched Virginia Mae and saw my own mother, and I am crying my eyes out. My mother would have been 104 Friday, and she could recite poetry she learned in school up until the month of her death at age 99. The words of Walt Whitman and the voice of Virginia Mae remind me to slow down, take the time to listen, and to be kind.

  • This is incredible. I could sit and listen to these beautiful people reciting poetry all day…and I just might. I particularly loved the man reciting poetry who was changing a flat tire on a busy highway. Thank you

  • I love this whole concept. I look forward to watching the videos. Thank you

  • Thank you for sharing this. It’s the most moving and beautiful thing I’ve read and watched in a long time. Many of the people and verses bring me to tears.

  • deeg, thank you so much for sharing this. Its a balm to my soul at this difficult time, and was glad to share it with my big sis. Looking forward to hearing more!

  • I cannot read Walt Whitman without tears forming in my eyes. It’s hard to put into words why. This presentation is beyond beautiful! Thank you!

  • Incredibly emotional, in the best ways. Thank you for this wonderful recommendation.

  • Thank you for bringing this beautiful poem and reading to us. ❤️

  • Oh my. I just watched the first one and my eyes are leaking. ❤️

  • Instant tears. Thank you.