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  • The Hilarious World of Depression was a great podcast and helped me understand what my the. Teenager and now young adult goes through with their anxiety and depression. The host of that show, John Moe, has a new podcast, Depresh Mode, that is definitely worth listening to. Call Your Girlfriend is excellent as well.

  • I’m a huge fan of Glennon and sister’s podcast. Love them and the occasional Abby episodes

  • Give a listen to “Terrible, Thanks For Asking”. About loss and grief

  • Thank you so much for this list of Pods. I can not say it enough “how wonderful MDK is” with providing so much support (as are all of your articles) not only for knitting but for living. What a beautiful and all embracing community they have created. I can’t wait to listen to these pods (maybe while ironing-which I LOVE to do:))))

    • I agree, MDK is wonderful!

    • I agree wholeheartedly! MDK has been sustaining for me…in every way. A sincere thank you to MDK.

      • I can’t agree enough, thank goodness (and Kay, Ann) to have MDK and all of their bounty.

  • Everything Happens, with Kate Bowler – Kate is the author of “Everything Happens for a Reason, and other lies I’ve Loved”. She talks with her guests about what they’ve learned in life’s dark times. I often shed a few cleansing tears listening to this one. It’s good to listen to someone say how hard and beautiful life is – and how there are some things we can change, and some things we can’t.

    • I agree! This is an excellent podcast!

    • Me, too. Kate Bowler and guests are wonderful – lots to think about. And, some tears.

  • This article came through about 6 hours later than usual so I got worried and looked for it and read it on your website. Thank you as always. Hope all is well and that it was a techy glitch and not a human sickness.

  • Welcome to Nightvale. The only podcast I listen to and it really can get me laughing

  • Alone: A Love Story…one of the most engrossing podcasts yet. Thank you so much for these recs! I have put The Sunset Route in my reading queue…it looks so good!

  • Family Secrets with Dani Shapiro. After I read her book, Inheritance, I wanted more and have been listening to her podcast ever since. Very moving tales of the family secrets we live with and life changes we learn to live with when/if they’re discovered. I highly recommend her books too.