Knit to This: Like I Used To

August 14, 2021

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  • From the video still I was anticipating something abba related lol. Chaise longue is brilliant isn’t it <3

    • I absolutely LOVE the half-face ABBA references toward the end.

  • The picture on the email page is reminiscent of the cover of the Heart album, Dreamboat Annie. I actually still have it after 45 years.

    • Thank you! It was so familiar to me… I love listening to both of these women,.

      DG! I thank you for the new track on my list, Chaise Longue is a delight.

      • Hey you, over there, on the chaise longue in your underwear

      • I’ve got “Cherish” by the Association playing on constant loop. A message to me? A message to you? Call my hippy friends? “Cherish is the word I use to descri-ah-ah-ahahahaha-be…”

  • Brilliant!! Thanks for sharing these 🙂

  • I think Chaise Longue is my song of the summer. It’s brilliant!!

    • Also, since listening to Like I Used To, I’ve had Life In A Northern Town playing on repeat in my head and I’m not sure why.

  • Thank you for “Chaise Longue”. Thank you.

  • Omg… thanks for the music lesson. Chaise Lounge is such fun. I am the quirky girl dancing in the background. Had to share with my daughter who just moved away yesterday for college. Maybe she’ll think I’m a little bit cool. 😉

    • Editing my spelling… so sorry! “Longue”

  • Thanks for that 🙂

  • Angel Olsen is kinda rocking a Stevie Nicks vocal ability, isn’t she?

  • Have you heard Solar Power by Lorde? I cannot stop singing it.

  • My song of summer 2020 – southern hemisphere, summer of 2021 is approaching – was Jerusalema by Master KG featuring Nomcebo. I. Could. Not.Stop.Dancing!!!!