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  • I have to agree regarding that beautiful blue. So rich! It lovely on you.

  • My favorite shade of blue – but not available at MDK – unless it’s Palisades? Love all the photos!

    • Yes, the color is Palisades and it is lovely. (Kay noted the color in a prior post!)

      • Confirming that it’s definitely Palisades, though coming in pretty vibrant in Kay’s pix. It’s a deeper shade of blue, really. That summer sunshine gives it a big glow up.

  • Beautiful!
    Love the sleeve placement and the color is stunning!

    • I really enjoy the way you write! So fun, and now I want a swancho of my very own.

  • Oh, my! I love this swancho! Queueing it up right behind the 3 sweaters I’ve already bought yarn for, LOL!

  • It’s gorgeous!

  • Wow. The color. The yarn. The knitting. Simply gorgeous.

    • All of the above. And it looks great on you!

  • The color is really beautiful, agreed! I love the mod you made with the sleeve placement and thanks for the heads up about the post block changes.

  • It’s lovely. Kay, does it feel restrictive when you’re moving your arms?

  • The color is stunning. It’s hard to tell about the sleeve placement because the pictures don’t show you with your arms raised so it mainly looks like a sweater.

    • I’m assuming from looking at it flat there’s a dolman effect, but you can’t tell.

  • I love it. Season-spanning!

  • OMG!! That color is absolutely divine! With this, I finally have a replacement for my favorite Yarn Carnival color (no longer available, so sadly) that I used to knit my Bottom Line pullover! I was pining for it after your post yesterday. Great tip on the growth — I don’t imagine I’d have comprehended that magnitude in a minimalist swatch. As for sleeves – I still hear Carson Kressley’s voice from the O.G. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy in my head every time I “zhuzh” them up, which is All.The.Time.

    • Carson Kressley lives in my head too! No one seems to understand when I say zhuzh. I also agree that this color is the best.

  • Lovely swoncho! Now you just need a skort to go with it!

  • It and you, look smashing. Hope there’s enough Palisades in the shop for all of us swooning!

  • It’s beautiful!!!

  • “[S]ince I live a life that is open to surprise and wonderment, and generally do not swatch” is going to make me smile all day.

  • Lovely, and I agree about sleeves. I always make mine a little shorter than called for, or I’m sorry. They can’t be dragging me down!

  • I’m still in the swatching phase.Trying out different needle sizes. I love the stitch definition, that this yarn makes. And it feels so wonderful. No scratchy here. Thanks for the tip on the growth. I did plan on soaking my swatch but now I will for sure.BTW, you look great in this style and color.

  • Where, oh where, is the beautiful forest you’re in Kay? Love the swoncho!!

  • it’s gorgeous! And it looks like it fits you perfectly.

  • It looks lovely on you, Kay. Enjoy wearing your swancho this fall.

  • It is a heavenly color! But I’m most happy to learn that your swoncho grew when blocked because I’m just finishing Debut (without switching but using 2 larger needle size to get approximate gauge) and tried it on. I would prefer it a tad looser like the one in the pattern picture.

  • What a color! And I feel like it would be flattering on most skin tones. I remember reading somewhere about the universally flattering colors- coral, eggplant, and teal. I feel like this blue could join that list.

    I’m still on the fence about swonchos, though. Absolutely love the idea (and again, can’t help but be influenced by Kay!), uncertain on how it would work under a coat. Where I live, there seems to be very little transitional weather – either hot and muggy or in the deep freeze! Any upper Midwest types want to weigh in?

  • It’s fabulous. And I love that you have coordinating birkenstocks <3

  • This turned out so well. Great job, looks terrific on you, and all that. But… having recently caught Lyme Disease, all I could think was, Hey you, all carefree and happy and summery in those sandals, WHAT ABOUT THE TICKS!

  • Swell-egant, Elegant, (sweater) party it is!
    (apologies to “High Society.”)

  • It’s fabulous! I’m working on the sleeves now!

  • Wish you would carry cream colored yarn in worsted weight. It’s a basic color you should have.

  • Good morning. I would love to make a Swoncho but live in Florida and would like to make using cotton or linen or whatever would work with pattern other than wool. What can you advise.
    Many thanks. Love love love your site. Thank you for making such a wonderful and enjoyable place for knitters to gather. Best. Lisa