Shakerag Top: The Triumphant FO

By Kay Gardiner
July 15, 2021

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  • Okay, I did briefly wonder how many people would get the Flashdance reference — is that firmly enough set in popular culture that the young whippersnappers would know to what you are referring? (Here I am channeling Mrs. Bagot the canteen lady in “Brief Encounter” who says snootily to the amorous station master “I don’t know to WHAT you are referring, Mr. Godby” — how’s that for a geezer reference?)

    In a “team-building” exercise with a DiSC enabler at work, the perky DiSC chick referred to herself as being our “Julie McCoy.” Only two of us got the reference. (Aside: my DiSC assessment says that I am a bitch and I hate everyone. Nothing I did not know.)

    I may have already had a lot of coffee this morning.

    • I got the Flashdance reference AND I too am a bitch and hate everyone!!!! Years of retail I guess- love your sweater Kay!

    • I, too, got the Flashdance reference and am a bitch and hate just about everyone. for the record, I dislike (so much) the DiSC profiling (or anything like it) and frequently answer questions incorrectly to skew results which really makes me a bitch.

    • Your comments obviously resonate with a few of us this morning lol Took me a minute to get the Julie McCoy reference;) Perky People make me especially bitchy!

    • I got the Flashdance reference, not the Julie McCoy reference (never saw that film) but mostly sighed a huge sigh of relief that I have never encountered this DISC assessment because I don’t hate everyone but I’m a bitch and and a rebel and I would have slammed it, whatever it is. All hail retirement! BTW, BITCH stands for Boys I’m Taking Charge Here. Carry on!

      • Love that!

    • Howling! Love you, Wendy!

    • Kay’s new sweater is terrific! Thank you for the enjoyable comment thread this morning…I can relate. There seems to be quite a few of us, around the same age, feelin’ grumpy today…

    • Flashdance sure, but DiSC and Julie McCoy mean nothing to me, la la la . . .

    • Marvelous sweater! Don’t know what DiSC is but I’m sure I’d hate doing it. Instantly got the Flashdqnce and Julie “Loveboat” McCoy references. Geez! now that theme song is stuck in my head.
      BTW Why are all of you up and physically able to comment so early?

    • Got both references, being a Person of Certain Age. And to my credit, retired from public libraries exactly on the cusp of Too Crabby To Work Anymore. Thanks to Kay I am now in possession of Clover Wonder Clips, indeed a wonder. Yes, Kay, make a linen Shakerag. I love mine. Perfect fiber.

    • This comment thread has me creasing up. I haven’t come across a disc assessment either, but I’m sure it would also find that I’m a bitch who hates everyone. I’m about to go back to self employment for this very reason. I’m old enough to get the flashdance reference, one of my three teenagers would have too, but not the love boat one. And Kay, your top looks awesome, I can’t wait to see the modeled pictures.

    • I love the sweater and the color. I’m confused though. Does the yarn self stripe or do you use two colors? Thanks

      • She is holding the yarn single, then double which gives it the darker color. Only one yarn, not a MC and CC. (at least I think but I’ve not knit the Shakerag)

  • Bravo!
    And always a thrill to come across a fellow ‘armhole depth is important’ believer.
    And I now also own some Clover Wonder Clips – and they are indeed a wonder!

  • Now I know I’m REALLY old: I got both references right away! I own some Wonder Clips, too, but haven’t used them, yet. I need to knit something that requires them for finishing!

  • Beautiful sweater! I am so glad to see your comments on stepped shoulders. I have not been able to get the hang of short rows, despite a class and numerous attempts, over the years. I have ruined almost finished sweater pieces and had to rip out more than one shoulder. Short rows seem to be in fashion these days but I use stepped as a guilty secret. They are easy and straightforward and I don’t worry throughout the knitting process about short rows. Enjoy your summer!

  • …and a lovely thing it is too! (As was the first). I am envious but this would be very challenging for me for both finer gauge and techniques. Nevertheless may have to try one just for the proper armhole depth. When I find a garment like that in the wild (i.e., at the Mall). I hold onto it until it’s in shreds. Of course these days I often feel required to layer it over an elbow-length tee, but that’s another story. I wish you happy wearing! (As the reward for doing the finishing.) Chloe

  • I’m right there with you! I love the process, not the things I need to do to finish. I have two sweaters right now that only need weaving ends in and two easy blankets that are garter stitch, but just sitting there staring at me.

  • I’m with you on the “process”. I currently have 3 projects next to my chair in process, 2 on guest bed awaiting blocking, and another 3 bagged and staged to start next .

  • If we could figure out to get the dog to do our photoshoots, wouldn’t that be a game changer. Love your shake rag!

  • Bravo to you! — you finished, and it is still summer! I think you are going to love it. ❤️

  • Very nice!

  • I just finished my 2nd Shakerag too with Rowan Summerlite, and I absolutely LOVE it. It fits perfectly too! I will definitely be making another one of these sweaters!

  • I have what may be a silly question, but it’s something I’ve wondered since Transparency came out. How do you pronounce Shakerag? Is it “Shake Rag” or “Shaker Ag?”

    • Shake Rag!

    • Thanks for asking! I alternate in my head, and have often wondered which is correct.

  • May I humbly suggest that anyone try a short row/three needle bind off for shoulders. Takes concentration but it yields a beautifully finished shoulder seam that slopes instead of steps!! Anything to avoid mattress stitch….

    • I did that on my second Shakerag (made in Holst Garn Coast, which I highly recommend) and it worked beautifully (I also hate mattress stitch).

    • I agree with you. I like the strength the three needle bind off seems to give shoulders. Whether stepped or three needle though, I get stepped holes or gapes that I find unsightly. How do others disguise this unlovely look?

      • Have you tried German short rows? To me they are the smoothest. And with the wrap and turn, be sure you work back one row after the shaping and pick up all your wraps. I also like the stability of being able to do a 3 needle bind off.

  • You struck a chord with me, Kay. I have so many UFOs it’s practically an alien invasion.

    If it weren’t for test knitting over the past 15 months and sample knitting for a few years before that, I would have nothing finished. Except for tiny projects like hats. I guess I need deadlines and accountability in everything!

    • ” I have so many UFOs it’s practically an alien invasion.” Best knitterly punchline I’ve ever heard!

      • I second that lol

  • Of course Olive has an attitude! She’s a supermodel! Besides, she’s got jet lag, what with fashion shoots all over the world and trips for fittings for her Met Gala gown. It’s a tough life being so posh, sweetie darling!

  • “not the full Flashdance”… crack me up, Kay, and thanks for that instant visual and earworm! I still have a relic leotard at the bottom of my drawer from the days of Dancercize, when I and my peers attempted to be Flashdance cool. Those were the days…..

  • “The Full Flashdance”, snort!

  • Congrats on the FO Kay. I completely fall into the same realm… knitting and Netflix. Is that KnitFlixing??!! And thanks for the fun references and all the laughs from the other comments. I, too, have my own UFO alien invasion going on. I needed this bright spot!

    • KNITFLIXING for the win!!!

  • Am i really the first, at procrastinating-dinner-o-clock to request a pic of this crochet hook? I need some new keychain fobs…

  • Ok, I might have some Euroflax of a certain vintage for shake rag. I do like my Sylph one, but when it is hot it is bit too warm. I’m making a baby sweater in Summerlite and it is a dream!

  • I knew, even though I’m not going to knit a Shakerag (and I’ve been reading it as shak-er-rag all this time), that it was going to be worth reading the comments!!

  • Love your Shakerag – I am making my second one but decided to make it with 2 colors, so using fun speckled yarn in yellow and light green – really fun – will actually finally pay Ravelry to post it I believe…just now finishing the front of it…

  • What size needle did you use with the summerlite yarn? Thank you.

  • I love that navy color in the summer, with white on the bottom? BTW I’m happy to share a photo shoot day w you, I need a photographer here in my backwoods too! Say when! Say cheese!