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  • I, too, livelovelove Spincycle yarns! So fun! So imaginative! So beautiful and lush! Also that they are (at least much if them) are actually spun by Abundant Earth Fibers on Whidbey Island — some wonderful folks who buy fibers only from local PNW women farmers. Yay for them! And lucky us! They also offer their own yarns online too, which are always a treat to work with.

    • Uncanny coincidence! I’m also knitting a hat in SpinCycle and living every minute! Drew Renee Knits Shift Along stranded knitting hat using Melancholia and Keep Out of the Forest by SpinCycle. Wonderful pattern. Fantastic yarns!

      • Me, too! Ditto to every sentence above!

  • I used Spincycle yarns both for my Stonecrop cardigan (Robin’s Egg – yum) and my daughter-in-law’s (at the time I knit, to be) Humulus (Salty Dog). That was fun knitting!

  • Oh my gosh! I was just lamenting the fact that I’m on the last section of my Shift cowl using three color ways of dyed in the wool!!! I have really enjoyed watching this yarn unfold and highly recommend this pattern to show off its beauty. Will be buying more for sure.

    • I knit a couple of the Shift cowls using Spincycle yarns and one other plain one, and really enjoyed the process. It is a brilliant pattern, and especially with these gorgeous yarns. Yes, watching the color shifts take place was mesmerizing and soooo fuuuuun.

  • Giant paint chips!!!! Oh, the 21st century!

  • I love Samplize. I have ordered from them twice and the large paint swatches make it so much easier to choose a color.