Knit to This: Amythyst Kiah

July 10, 2021

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  • DG – Welcome to to the Amythyst Kiah fan club. She attended the Bluegrass program through East TN State University and up here in the Tri-Cities we have watched her career grow and catch fire. She is a a very talented person.

  • What a great voice; at first reminded me of Lenny Kravitz style. Wouldn’t that be a great duet! Thanks, DG!

  • She has a voice that begs your art soul to want more. Amythyst has power, her music resonates deep, very deep.

  • Thanks for giving me a new word. How is it I never heard of petrichor before? And I love your music advice.

  • Fabulous music. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the tip, DG!

  • What a talent and thank you for this post. I immediately went to iTunes and bought Wary+Strange and I subscribed to her website in case she tours down here in north Alabama.

  • What a voice and marvelous energy. I love the magnetic opposites in her lyrics and vocal style. And to top it off she’s wise—has something to say worth hearing.
    Thank you! I’m toddling off to make a purchase, too.

    • My daughter is an ETSU grad so I knew the bluegrass program existed. What a gem they polished in Amythyst Kiah. The voice, lyrics, instruments, she’s something special!

  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • My DG Strong appreciation level just rose even higher. This is the first I’ve heard of Amythst Kiah and her voice and this song are terrific.

  • Thank you DG – she is amazing!

  • I adore her so much! She blew my socks off (and those of everyone in a 500 yard radius) at the Brooklyn Folk Festival a few years ago and I’ve been hanging on her every note since! It’s been amazing to hear her music progress!

  • Armantrading, Ethridge AND Chapman! I’ve gotta hear this. Thanks!!

  • Petrichor – great word!