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  • Wish I was there! So glad this happened, it gives me hope.

  • Wow! It makes me teary and I wasn’t even there! But my burning question is: how do you make a pom with a heart in it?!?!

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Enotionally moved reading and “examining” the photos … the smiles on participants says it all❣️
      So appreciative to give and receive hugs and kisses once again … next step, knitting when this shoulder injury heals❣️

  • I am always amazed to see recent pictures taken in the USA, indoors, people with no masks… Is the pandemic completely over in the US? 14,000 new cases, 134 daily deaths.

    • All these people are vaccinated, according to the article. It does make a difference.

    • The text mentions that 100% of attendees at the retreat had been vaccinated, so masks are not needed. I happen to live in a state where 80% have been vaccinated, so masks are now required only in particular situations, such as on public transportation and in health care settings.

    • Everyone there had to show proof of being fully vaccinated. We hugged each other like it was 2019!

    • Like Ann said, we’re a long way from the pandemic being over in the US. But this was a fully vaccinated group. May there be many more safe gatherings like this ahead for knitters worldwide.

  • Next year in Sewanee…

  • Thanks for a fun weekend! I’m newly inspired to dig in not my stash and knit some new things. The proof of vaccination element was very appreciated and reminded me how much I miss being around human smiles.

  • This was a weekend I waited 2 long years for – and enjoyed every stinking minute of it. From the food to the classes to the long-awaited hugs – every bit was perfect and I was so so sad to have to leave but so grateful for the respite. You and Kay (and Claire) deserve wings.

  • Words are limited to express how much this weekend meant to me but the smile on my face (here in my new blue shirt) says it all. I think I have sore face muscles now. Thank you for a wonderful opportunity and to Claire and her team for a safe and special experience.

    • It was a complete joy.

  • I’m so glad it was a rip-roaring success! I’m sooooo looking forward to knitting retreats again. Thanks for getting this ball rolling!

  • It was wonderful to see snippets of this event show up in my IG feed over the weekend. So great to see you all… so many happy smiling faces!!!

  • Ahhhhh…..the happiness of knitters together! I can feel the joy!

  • Looks like a slice of heaven right there.

  • That mug paragraph left me in tears. We are stronger in some ways due to this pandemic and also softer. I think “humbled” is a good word. Thanks, Ann, for sharing these happy moments with us.