Little Lessons: Join, Being Careful Not to Twist

June 14, 2021

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  • Definitely saved this one ! It has not happened to me in a long time, but is is ever annoying (&$#% !) when it does !

  • It never occurred to me that I could just flip the twist out at the end of the first round when I have one sneak in there. Thank you!

  • I am not sure I even saw this correctly. She didn’t use an empty needle to start knitting. That idea has never crossed my mind; I think juggling that fifth needle is so tricky at the beginning. I will be pulling out the dpns again this afternoon!

  • If I have a large number of stitches to cast on, I use a spool of brightly colored lacey trim and as I cast on, I place a loop of the trim on my needles every 10th stitch. Stitches do not twist and I have an easy way of counting the stitches. I drop the loops of trim as I start knitting and roll it back on the spool for next time. I came across the hint a long time ago and can’t remember who to credit but it’s a wonderful way to keep your stitches from twisting.

    • That is brilliant!!

  • Can you do the sleeves of that sweater with the magic loop method? I hate using double points and don’t do a very good job with them

    • Thank you Donna! You asked my question and I am waiting with bated breath for the answer! I like the efficiency of being able to do both sleeves at the same time.

      • You absolutely can use Magic Loop! For any small circumference knitting. I don’t even own dpns. More than 2 sharp pointy things in my hands is a danger to self and others;)

  • It’s nice doing the sleeves first, because they’re like an extra gauge swatch before the body of the sweater. No matter how experienced you are, the twisted row is very annoying. Check, check, triple check!