Catching Up With: Isabell Kraemer

April 19, 2021

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  • Loved this interview (athough sorry about the disc problem). Although I have yet to knit an Isabell Kraemer sweater (coming soon, I hope!) I have loved them from the start. And was thrilled to come upon one in the wild recently on a yarn dyer displaying her goods in an out-of-the-way place (one of the thrills of being a knitter-you go for the scenery and come back with yarn). Her sweater, in a fingering-weight speckled yarn, was so elegant and hung so beautifully on the body. An Isabell Kraemer design certainly does not disappoint. (My current favorite is that Jingle with the pink).

    • A don’t ask in a lighter weight she asks. Yes please!
      I’ve knit two, don’t ask and don’t ask again, cardigans.
      The pattern is genius and the contiguous sleeves fit beautifully.
      Asking for a don’t ask lite! -xx

  • I have Emsworth (Pullunder) lust this morning. What is not to love about an amazing vest? So, the vest and a pair of those jeans!

    • Same same! REALLY looking forward to knitting Emsworth 🙂

  • Love her classic designs….deb

  • I’ve knit Humulus, Ready for Fall, Arwen, Paris Toujours, and Abulon. I find her patterns to be impeccably engineered, never needing mods. Stylewise, when choosing a pattern my standard is “could this item be sold in Bergdorf’s?” Isabell’s designs always get a resounding yes.

  • I’ve made several of Isabelle’s designs, most recently the tee shirt style, Streams. Also love Against All Odds. Love the construction and fit of all her designs. About to purchase her latest top down color work pattern. Generally work them in Brooklyn Tweed Loft for year round wearability. It’s never a risk to go with an Isabelle Kraemer pattern.

    • I’m trying to knit a Isabell grad flecked and getting very confused

  • Thanks for this terrific interview. Wishing Isabell all of the positive vibes for neck disc healing!

  • Love Love Love

  • I just cast on for Don’t Ask after wrestling with gauge. I adjusted the way I wrap the yarn around my fingers to make it with the yarn that I wanted to use. It’s a beautiful sweater; I hope I do it justice considering my stubbornness.

  • I’ve loved Isabell Kraemer’s style for years. Now I applaud her for her support of excellent Black and Asian designers who don’t often get the chance at a spotlight of this proportion. Reread the end of the interview if you missed them.

  • You started with the best! She is my favorite designer…can’t wait to start Emsworth!

  • I’m trying to knit a grasflecken pattern that my daughter bought me for Christmas which I love but I’m very confused