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  • I thought I had kept up with new patterns during the last year!
    Almost all these are new to me. I do see echoes of other patterns, just like at any fashion show. Thank you for expanding my to do list

    • Feeling so inspired! I love the new non-competitive aspect this year. Well done.

  • Some here that I’m aware of and some that are new to me and lovely. I am looking forward to seeing what’s in store for the rest of the week. You two rock.

    • Wowie! What a wonderful job you’ve done in gathering this delightful group. All I’ve been busy with this year are dishcloths and granny square blankets… time to up my game.
      Ty Ann and Kay, I love this format

  • Wow. While I spent 2020 plodding my knitting through dishrags, these creators have made transcendental-like leaps into the great knitting beyond! I’m totally intrigued!

  • Loved seeing all the new designs, but I miss the March Madness brackets this year. Just curious why it didn’t happen…??

    • I miss it too. I never thought that the March Madness-inspired bracket was mean-spirited. I voted for my favorites, but would draw from the whole bracket all year long for inspiration. It was fun to jump on the blog and see the results.

      • Agreed.

        • I’m with that! I loved the playfulness and thrill of engaging, waiting , celebrating!

    • Me too! These are beautiful but March Madness really gave me something to look forward as the winter doldrums set in.

      • I agree! While this is a lovely collection, it was always fun to look forward to the next bracket and have a vote. I thought it was good fun and exposed me to so many new designers.

  • Wonderful inspiration! Thanks!

  • So many lovely designs and very talented designers! I look forward to trying out a few! I was excited to get up this morning to vote on the brackets but I am sure you had a reason not to do it this year.

  • Kudos to all the creative designers whose work was shared with the MDK friends.

  • So many beautiful designs! Thank you for bringing them to us.

    I am seeing in the news about flooding in Nashville today. I am thinking of you and yours, Ann, and hoping you are all safe and dry.

  • lovely sweaters, but the RAvelry link doesn’t connect

  • What a great collection of pullovers! And, I am very happy to see the shift to a focus on the knitwear rather than on a contest. Although I participated in the voting, it made me uncomfortable—-felt way too much like a popularity contest in which « popular » designers had an edge. Bravo to change!

    • I totally agree!

    • Completely agree as well. Thanks for all these wonderful highlights.

  • Okay…my list of “I need to cast this sweater on now…..” has just exploded! Gorgeous sweaters and my SLICE made the list whooohooooo!!!…..Love that sweater so much I need to make another one…and that has never happened before.

    You have made it impossible to keep to my promise to reduce my stash. These are stunning designs – I MUST HAVE at least 5 of them!!

  • Lovely patterns! I’d love to see patterns in the future fir “large” women

    • At least 3 of the patterns I was interested in go up to 68″ bust. I know the models aren’t large, but you might click through on the patterns you like and see if they have a size that would work for you.

  • So nice to be able to scroll through all the designs rather than having to click on each separately to view. Love the new format!

  • What a great group of patterns – some of my favorites and several new ones too. And even better, some new music to enjoy – thanks for the introduction to Ludovico Einaudi – such beautiful music.

    • Thanks for choosing such a great group of pullovers.

    • That is so lovely to hear!

  • Please have an alternative way to purchase these lovely designs. For me, ravelry is no longer an option.

  • Please, to all you designers and publishers out there, make the models in colors light enough to see the pattern. While I’m sure that a piece worked in darker yarn is gorgeous in person, if I can’t easily see what is going on in the photo I will pass it by.

    • Here, here.

    • Totally agree! A certain pattern I was enamored with was in a very dark color and I couldn’t see it well enough to find the herringbone stitch to determine whether or not I am skilled enough to tackle it.

      Was it in the area above the armhole split or was it part of the decorative stripe or both? If the latter, I’d probably try it because I know I’d get enough practice to master the skill, but once or twice would leave me with a twisted mess that my LYS “fixer” would give me the evil eye over until I did something else equally adventurous.

    • Excellent point and totally agree. Sometimes the dark yarn and sometimes the styling and photography require the knitter to guess at the details, in which case I usually just pass…

  • I am gobsmacked….where to start…..

  • How do you vote this year?

    • No voting this year, just enjoyment of the patterns.

      • Oh, I am a bit (so) disappointed that there is no voting this year, it was so much fun!! It also made look at the patterns over and over, discover new details, and fall in love with a pattern that didn’t call my attention at the beginning.

        Please, please, reinstate voting next year!!

  • Why’d you have to do this to me, MDK? Now I’ve got to knit half of these! I LOVE the modern, geometric ones. What a great lineup.

  • I really like to vote, but I don’t know how

  • I feel like all I did last year was look at sweater patterns on ravelry, and yet you guys still managed to showcase so many beautiful ones that I had never seen!

  • Overwhelmed.

  • Thank you! I just spent the most enjoyable hour looking at these patterns. Wow, impressive.

  • This is such a lovely and inspiring collection of gorgeously designed pullovers! I can see a few that I would be able to make as an intermediate knitter! Thank you makers!

  • Oh, so many beautiful pullovers!! I’m going to have to start knitting faster! Thank you for sharing these beauties.

  • I must have missed the submission period. I would add Donguri by Sachiko Burgin. I will figure out how to upload my version. It came out picture perfect.

    • It’s beautiful pattern, but released in 2017

  • These patterns are AMAZING! My jaw dropped. When I catch up, I’ll have a ‘make this’ list a mile long. Thanks for providing me with tons of great patterns for the time when we can all go freely forth into the world.

  • These are so inspiring! Why oh why are there only 24 hours in a day?

  • Great selections, as always! Love to see all of the Lopi possibilities.

  • Yesssssssssssssss
    I’ve been waiting, waiting, salivating, for the pattern party.
    Thank you for curating this festival.

  • Oh what fun! New patterns and new designers – spring cleaning will have to wait.

  • After 40 years I finally took up my needlework again during this terrible year. Finding these wonderful patterns and yarns was such a joy. Thank you.

  • Kuffel! A new word to rhyme with kerfluffle.

  • Wow…is all I can say to all great patterns shown here!

  • Have my yarn ready for Wanderlight – I found Tif’s patterns while checking out the Yarn Database. I feel like I’m in the know because a pattern I have in my queue is on your list!

  • I am disappointed that Ravelry is the primary vehicle for sharing these patterns. I am no longer able to use Ravelry and this is just one more time that I feel that I am being left behind by this community. I have always participated and loved March Mayhem, and am an avid follower of Modern Daily Knitting. However, as individuals with significant influence in the crafting community, I believe that it is imperative for you to advocate for those of us who are being left behind.

    • Hi Mandy,

      In case you missed the notes up top, each designer name links to their website or IG so that readers can access their patterns via the designer’s own platform or direction.

      • Thank you for the clarification. I had read through the top but did miss that point. I am extra sensitive about this issue right now, and should have been more cautious prior to commenting. I apologize.

  • Many lovely patterns, but without voting, not the incentive to really look at them and pick favorites and not the fun or sadness that your picks are still in the game. Voting helped me narrow my preferences, sometimes because they continued to be included, sometimes because I totally liked something others did not see the same beauty in. I’m sure it’s a thing on the back end to count all those votes but I’m for re-enstating voting in 2022.

    • I see it opposite to you. I don’t really care how others vote on something. If I like it, I like it. I don’t feel voting adds anything, other than perhaps some fun for the voters—and perhaps a kind of frustration for those pattern designers who don’t “win”? Why do we need competition in knitting? Let’s just enjoy a wonderful selection of new patterns. I’m happy to use Ravelry but also am happy to know you provide alternative options. Great all around. 🙂

  • Wow!!! There are some truly stunning pieces in this mix! I’m not a fan of pullover for myself, but as gifts, these have great potential. For a few of the patterns I find to be irresistible, I would make them tunic-length for myself. Great selection and impressive, as usual.