Minty Fresh Pom Poms

By Ann Shayne
March 16, 2021

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  • Dental floss for tying is brilliant! I missed that in the Loome directions — proabably b/c I tend to skip directions, often to my detriment.

    • Dental Floss! What an amazing thought! And yet it has everything you need!

      • Wow! I have hated making poms because of the tying. Great idea! Thanks.

  • Dental floss sounds like a good idea. My favorite for tying up a Pom Pom in a tidy manner is a good, sturdy piece of linen, saved from another project.

  • Latecomer to the KAL but I just ordered my yarn and I can fill in the time making hats! who does not need a few extra hats? The weather is still dipping into the thirties here in Long Beach so hats will be made. I am making my cardigan in the colors I used for my hat so I can call it a swatch. Also pompoms. I am thinking of making mine detachable so I can switch them up. Mood pompoms. If you are of a certain age you will get this reference, cheers

  • I have a gauge question: The patterns for hat and mittens both specify a gauge of 16 sts over 4″ (on larger needles). The beanie uses size 9 needles for the stockinette portion (size 7 for ribbing), and the mittens use size 7 needles. Am I reading something wrong, or is there a typo for either gauge or needle size on one of the patterns… or should there be two sizes of needles for the mittens? Thanks!! I have a small stash of Lopi yarn from a trip to Iceland, which I can’t wait to turn into scarf and hat. I LOVE every pattern in this FG!!