Little Lessons: Magic Loop

March 12, 2021

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  • Great videos – I’ll try the travelling (especially as that’s the only traveling we get to do right now!).
    Personally my preferred method is the two circular needles method because being separate cables, I can get a really snug join at the ladder point.

    • Two circulars is my chosen method for small circumference too. And always two at a time for socks and sleeves, the beauty of knowing that increases and row counts will always match just makes me so happy.

  • Magic Loop is the only way I know how to work small circumference! I tried to learn dpns but, more than 2 sharp pointy things in my hands is dangerous;) The key is a very pliable cord. I use a 50″ cord. Once my knittin kitten walked thru the loop on my right and lay down halfway through it while I was knitting

    • Absolutely agree that a very pliable cord helps! My beloved Tulip interchangeable set (from the MDK shop) totally changed my mind about magic loop since it was the first time I used a cord that was flexible enough!

  • Well! Traveling Magic Loop sounds great. In the middle of my Destination Scarf, with edge stitches often either a little too loose or a bit too tight, this TML is a great new lesson for me. You learn something new every day…

    • Yes, I just saw the video on the traveling Magic Loop and am simply blown away! A simple, yet effective method for avoiding ladders at the sides of the garment. Pure genius. Thank you Jen.

  • Thanks for this article and videos! I have tried ML a couple of times and just found DPNs easier, but not easier maybe? I’ll give ML another go.

  • Perfect timing for the traveling magic loop lesson! I’m halfway way through a sampler version of the destination scarf, and I was having trouble getting the correct tension for my floats across the gap. It’s my first try with stranded color work, so I’ve gone from too tight to too loose. Hoping my second half will be just right!

  • I like using three 16” circulars. It is like using slightly longer flexi-flips, (which I like for mitts and socks, but seem too short for the top of sleeves or a hat circumference.) I get a better rhythm with the three circulars.

  • As a complete aside-it is a what to listen to item, but still MAGIC…Jon Batiste on Fresh Air. Listen. Be awed. Be inspired.

    In terms of knitting. I love the magic loop technique. Though I do have to re-learn it every time I use it. So thank you for the excellent videos.

    • Thanks. A wonderful link.

  • Don’t forget how handy it is to use a smaller tip for the needle in your left hand, since the right hand tip determines the size of the resulting stitch. It’s easier to dip into the stitch, when the needle tip is slightly smaller.

  • I always have a magic loop (or two) loaded with a project.
    I tend to drop double pointed needles (not good when passenger in a car or airplane-my daughter has been under seats on the airplane to find a dropped needle for me).
    I too like the flexi-flips.

    • Same here! I like DPNs fine, but I stick to Magic Loop for travel or car rides. I never seem to make it through without losing a needle or two. Of course, that’s less of an issue these days…

  • Thank you for the great tutorial on Magic Loop! Outstanding!

  • I guess I have always intuitively done the Traveling Magic Loop, without knowing it was called that! Thanks, Jen.

  • Thank you so much for your videos! I am working on my first sweater and was trying the magic loop but not completely happy with it. The Traveling Magic Loop method has now changed my knitting life! Thank you so much—I’ve already gotten things well underway with my sweater just since I watched the video yesterday!

  • Thanks for the refresher course! I still often have trouble joining the circle without twisting because I often DON’T FOLLOW DIRECTIONS when provided verbally. The visual is much more effective. Also – when a particular combination of yarn and needle is a bit “sticky” I think I have accidentally lapsed into the traveling method as well. Otherwise just giving a tug at the join usually suffices. I once watched, fascinated, a knitting group member zipping along on a complex Fair Isle sweater in the round while vehemently talking. Her tension was perfect. I’m not there yet.

    • I’m not there yet either — I couldn’t even watch a work video and continue on my parallelogram shawl – did I mention I was doing the double wide?? 201 stitches a row — 2 rows had to be tinked. I sat in a class once with a visitor to the LYS doing a lace pattern and chatting away. I also need to be careful of just how thick the accent is on my British TV to decide what I can safely knit while it’s on 🙂

  • traveling magic loop is brilliant!!

  • LOVE travelling magic loop method! This has solved my “ladder” issues! Thanks bunches Jen!!! Where have you been all my (knitting-small-circumference) life?

  • I ◀️ be magic loop and I will never go back to dpns. And I mean never!

  • I like double points. I tried the flexi flips but I didn’t see much difference between them and double points, except in the cost.