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  • Mine is coming along really well, although using scraps leaves lots of ends. Should they be woven in before felting?

    • How to treat the ends is up to the knitter, and it’s very low-stakes due to the felting of the rug.

      Since most of the color changes are in the steek area, I just knot the ends before felting the piece, as they will be cut away with the steek stitches later. When I change color in the body of the rug, I weave in the ends, but very slap-dash-ily, just tucking them behind the stranding so they can felt in there.

  • Thanks for the note about your web site; in recent winter storms our internet hasn’t been too reliable, so I thought it was me. Kiki Mariko 3/4+ done!

  • That felted coaster!❤

  • OMG, I thought Claudia was Jamie Lee Curtis! Just me?

    • Agreed!!!

    • Agree X 10

  • I think the version shown on the left, second row would be an awesome piano bench cushion. I’m waiting for a skein of charcoal gray to finish mine. Ordered but even the Post Office cannot beat Mother Nature’s wrath.

  • Hi
    I started a KIKI rug and it’s taking over my tv room!!!! I keep finding more yarn to marl for yet another color combo! I may slice it and dice it to reconfigure the shape as I have no idea where this monster will live!!!! So much fun!!!

  • I so enjoy your writings. Fantastic tips. I have wips to finish then on to the kite pillow. Keep them coming.

  • I wanted to try the Kiki Mariko pattern but didn’t need a carpet. So, I Stitched it up last week and finished the knitting on Friday. Felted it Saturday in a portable “wonder washer” because my front-loader takes forever to felt anything and the little washer does a much better job. After felting the bejabbers out of it, I let it dry overnight. Then I got really brave and cut it into three pieces and stitched on some edging. Two of the pieces, sprayed rubber on the back and added straps to make chair pads for the kitchen table. The remaining rectangular strip blocks the downdraft on my stove. The bright colors look great in my kitchen. I’d add a photo, but I don’t see that as an option here.

  • Revisiting this post and the picture by Elena made me think if only we could shrink that rug down to Barbie size. It looks in Elena’s picture to have the same…um, undulations. Then we could call it Kiki-Mariko Barbie. Future Barbie-clothier and always-looking-for-new-ideas-er, Chloe