Ramping Up: A Mini Kiki Mariko

By Kay Gardiner
February 4, 2021
Bang Out a Kiki Mariko Rug with us in the shortest month of the year—it's a blast and the knitalong company is excellent.

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  • Today is my granddaughter’s 5th birthday and I believe she is getting a dollhouse. This post has me wondering if a miniaturized Kiki Mariko knit out of fingering weight yarn might hit be just the accoutrement it needs. Hmmm. Stay tuned!

    • I don’t need a rug but a new cover for a foot stool. .. . . .

      • It would be excellent for a foot stool.

    • I think that is a great idea. One of my professors once started to crochet an oval area rug for her daughter’s dollhouse as a Christmas gift. The thought of doing that always fascinated me. Wish you a lot of fun making your miniature Kiki Mariko!

  • Can’t wait to see Olive try it out!

    • Casey B. Is this you? Sue Carney 🙂

  • Olive’s ramp rug is gonna be beautiful! But until it’s done, you might try camouflaging the ramp with a blanket to hide the ramp surface and the blank space underneath. Just tuck the rest of the blanket under the ramp on the floor. Makes it look more solid and trustworthy to a smart terrier!

  • Definitely one to bookmark for when Roux gets a little older…

  • Dogs are red/green colorblind, as are horses. It has something to do with increased visual contrast for those stalking, or being stalked. So those yellow and blue bits will show up to her, the rest will be shades of gray.

  • Olive is one lucky dog! Of course, we who share her age bracket, are much fussier now about comfort and safety. Wise, wise creature, that Olive!

    • I like her approach to aging–she kind of goes all out and then just naps more to make up for it.

  • Of course “a thin layer of man-made AstroTurfish stuff” would not be acceptable to Olive. After all, she wears haute couture! (She might find the stuff is irritating to walk on. Would you want to walk on it barefoot?)

    • Nope, and I don’t even have her toenails to contend with.

  • Please post an update when you finish. I have the same ramp for my dachshund and he won’t use it either. My fault, as I failed to secure it correctly in the slots below and it collapsed on him. So for now this expensive ramp is under the bed in the hopes he will forget and use it again some day. Love the idea of adding a handmade rug for Olive!

    • Olive quite likes hers when it’s in the flat position. She might just like that this annoys me! But I think she likes the bit of elevation, and she does use it as a sort of stepstool if not ramp to the bed.

      • And you might have looked at them but my olds all happily used a set of dog steps next to the bed. Even have the young one trained to go up the steps rather than jump.

      • It’s possible the angle of the ramp from floor up to the bed is too steep to feel safe for Olive. Perhaps put a foot stool or something as a first step up under the front end of the ramp to lesson the angle.

  • I love your read today. We are always trying to improve our companions lives, if they could just be reasoned with. Love the colors too, looking forward to seeing the finished runner and how it works.

  • Please say more about this ‘snow-blocking’? I would love a blocking technique that gives me the entire yard as a blocking surface!

  • Olive is so knit worthy!❤️

  • Such a great idea! Olive is one lucky gal! ❤

  • Handknit ramp cozy… that gave me a good laugh! Aaaahhh, we knitters have made cozies for many household items.

  • So would love to see a video of Olive in action on the finished runner.

  • Is there some kind of substitute yarn for Rowan Felted Tweed? A rustic fingering?
    It is very expensive, (so what I bought like ten skeins) but mainly it and other DK weights
    like Mohonk are still too heavy for sweaters in South Carolina. I love sweaters. I don’t love
    cotton or linen ones. Whatever shall I do? Faint? Call Rhett Butler?

  • I got first got Bailey to use steps to the bed by making it a game. I used his big memory foam bed as a crash pad (he has never ever used it’s a bed) and with a very high value treat would have him run up and down about 20x for indoor winter exercise.

    Eventually he started using it on his own some of the time. Then more of the time when he is sleepy. Getting a taller bed also increased his steps use.

    Good luck!

  • re: Olive & the bed – Have you tried steps? Another idea I was successful with for my Cavalier (who are known to have hip problems) I had a bench at the end of my bed and I was able to teach her to get on and ofrf the bed with 2 hops. I held her and just repeated !-2-3 up to the bench (I don’t know how many times!) and actually lifted her onto bench or small hassock while saying it. Then repeated from bench to bed. and by the time she got that, she knew to repeat it getting down. Once we visited family and we had bizarrely high beds so I just pulled over a chair, repeated our “game” once or twice and she got it. (She was quick – as in smart as a whip, but just wanted to do it when SHE decided to. No question she was the boss and she had me trained quite well.