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  • All right! I started a KMR last month, then put it on pause for a Flock of Four scarf – now this inspires me to finish the KMR. Perfect – and it is great fun to knit, only took me a while to get used to those huge needles. Excellent yarn, too.

  • I bought the pattern this weekend and am a little confused about the beginning directions so I am hoping to get some clarity once it officially starts.

    • Me too! I’m counting on the lounge for help. I ordered the blue colorway and am very excited! I have done some of the other “bang out” projects but have never actually started in February – I’m really looking forward to it!

  • I love that pattern, but unfortunately if I knit anything on size 15 needles I wouldn’t be able to pick up my coffee mug for a week. I rarely use any needle over a 7. Oddly enough, I know people who can’t use anything UNDER a size 7. I guess it just depends on ones particular hand function.
    But my secret idea that has been marinating for a while is to take that pattern and turn it into a swingy jacket thing in a nice sport weight….

    • That sounds like it would be pretty!

      • I have your books with the original pattern. Do I need to buy the new and improved one?

    • Go for it! I’ve done a pullover and a cowl using fingering weight yarn with the Kiki Mariko stitch pattern–I’ll post about it before long. It may be my favorite stranded stitch pattern of all time: it looks wonderful no matter what colors you use. It’s just amazing!

      • Ann, please do post about that. I’ve always loved the look of Kiki Mariko, but I don’t want a rug. Was thinking of doing it as a tote bag, but using a lighter yarn and making a pullover or cowl sounds better. Or even a hat.

  • Size 15 circular needle. Thirty inches?
    Excited to have a project–that has been on my list–a “deadline” and a “team.” Because sometimes I need structure.

  • Bought the yarn when it came up in the holiday shop, but did not start. I love the other colors and wish I had waited to get one of those. But I am in just need to get those HUGE needles.

  • Can you list the colors in the Heather colorway? Your shop does not have the Heather kit available for sale, so I would need to order the yarn elsewhere.

  • You knew I picked up a KMR kit from the MDK shop last month, didn’t you? You really want me to knit up these kits I buy, instead of sitting on them until the end of time, don’t you?

    • Just wondering the approximate finished size of the rug?

  • Will the Heather colorway be available for purchase at a future date?

  • I am looking forward to this KAL – my very first! As the ever eager beaver, I’d like to get some understanding before hand, if possible. Can someone please tell me how and why we start with the brown from the center and the outside, even though we’re not changing color? And HOW to do it would be most helpful. Thanks!

    • I am also looking forward to a good description of the start, I have had the book and the yarn for this since the book came out! I have heard that there are new instructions for the edge.
      This project really spoke to me, it has been on my ‘toknit’ list for too long and I would be doing it in community with other knitters in these scary times.

    • I think I remember reading (on one of the holiday posts, maybe?) that they figured out that knitting the one-color ends as stranded colorwork without a color change helped them stay flat – instead of ruffling up like Kay’s did when she made her first one.

  • Requesting a post on the variety of edge treatments as well as underlay… On my horrible wonderful hardwood floors, I don’t think a simple small slice of that rug mat stuff will cut it.

  • Yay. This is just the spark I needed to finish this up. My husband gave me a kit for Christmas. I started it feeling completely odd on the large needles but it’s been sitting in a basket looking stunning since New Years . Can’t wait to get going again

  • I did my “bangout” after the last Christmas thing was sent away. It was great fun and easy to memorize. Haven’t decided if it’s a throw or a rug, so it hasn’t met the washer yet. Maybe I am just chicken to scissor up a piece of knitting… Nice to not be using teeny tiny sock needles! Only question is why that huge 10 stitch steek?

  • The KMR spoke to me the minute the Holiday shop opened and ordered the kit. I am really looking forward to seeing the other colorways knit up. I started my rug, but put it on hold to do Christmas stuff and a special project a friend asked me to do. Really looking forward to getting it back out and finishing it up.

  • I would love to make this, but I’m allergic to mohair. Would you have a kit with just wool?

  • I can’t wait to start. One question, though: I’m assuming that the second steek row is all checkerboard, not 5 stitches of the same color like the first row. Am I correct?

  • That first bangoutasweater enticed me to knit TWO Stopovers! How many Kiki Marikos does this mean for me? I love that heather colorway, but don’t see it in the shop…sold out? coming soon? Do tell!

  • I need help / advice / encouragement. Although I’ve now been knitting for ~ 20 years (in addition to the knitting I did as a kid) I’ve only made two stranded projects (the 2nd was the Stopover pattern from the first Bang out!) and – I don’t like stranded work. I haven’t done enough to get past the awkwardness of it. Every day I see evidence a zillion people able to do it successfully, so it would seem logical, that I can get the hang of it too. Do you, does anyone, have a recommendation for the best resource from which to learn? I know there are many – but I’m taking suggestions! Help! This is lovely and I’d like to hop on it!

    • Tamara, on Craftsy Mary Jane Mucklestone has two classes, a cowl and vest. I started with the cowl since its small to see if I’d like it and I’ll be doing the vest next. Mary Jane is an excellent teacher, her instructions for holding the yarn are the best, it does take some practice. The videos are step by step and well done. Good luck! You can do it!

  • This pattern immediately got my attention and loved the idea of a rug. I was very excited and bought the pattern straight away and studied it to see if I could manage the charts. Got the yarn from LYS as I wanted different colorways. Looking forward to getting started. Is it cheating to cast on before Feb 1st? I hope my hands hold up.

  • I am in!!!!! I am going to use just four colors – black, red, charcoal gray, and cream. I’ve already created a new chart and am waiting for my yarn. Bring it on!!!!!

  • Sorry….silly question maybe…..but how do I get to the “MDK Lounge”?

  • This project was the AH HA! moment for yarn I bought at a farm near Oaxaca Mexico 4 years ago; they made gorgeous rugs. I have 4 colors, so I recreated the design on MS Excel. Ready to get going!

  • I have my pattern, I have my yarn, I won’t be there till 5:30 eastern because I have yoga!

  • Ooh! I have some pushing vintage lamb’s pride that I wasn’t remotely sure what to do with.
    There’s no way I need another project this season, but I may just have to.
    I do kind of loathe larger needles, but…

    Yeah, this is going to wind up happening.

  • Spent hours this morning going through my stash of wool yarn for felting. Good excuse to sort it into Worsted, Bulky and Super Bulky weights. Found the 8 colors (9 skeins) called for with the old pattern in the book, but noticed that your kits have 10 colors. I think I’ll be fine using the old pattern. I’ve never done anything like this, so I’m very excited. It was hard to put all the yarn away today and sign up for the group cast-on Zoom meeting on Monday.

  • Bought the pattern which I love. But no access to Brown Sheep in Uk Any ideas on substitutes. Everything I find is low or out of stock or a bit too fine/thick

    • Hi Christine,

      I sympathize on the difficulty of finding a good match for Lamb’s Pride Bulky. The good news is that this is a very flexible pattern if the knitter is open to a bit of imprecision.

      As long as you approach a chunky/bulky weight, whether in a single strand or by double-stranding, and the wool is feltable, you will get a good result.

      You may not hit the exact finished measurements we give, so if that is important to you, some diligent swatching and felting of the swatch would be required. But if you are going to be happy with a rug of reasonable size, you can use a lot of different wools to get there.

      Just steer clear of superwash! (For example, Rowan Big Wool is not labeled as superwash but we are informed that it is indeed treated not to shrink or felt.)


      • Sorry to bother you, but I have a question about the pattern. Am loving knitting this up, except for the 10-stitch section between the markers. The pattern says it should look like a checkerboard, but to be sure the colors at the beginning and end of the 10 stitches are the same as the before/after stitches. I am sure I have interpreted this incorrectly, but when my stitch colors match the before/after stitches, it often messes up the checkerboard. So,my 10-stitch section looks a mess. Any help/advice would be most welcome. Thank you.