Mini Skeins Are Our Jam

By Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne
December 11, 2020

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  • Another cool mini project is Mini Mazy!

    • LOVE it! Thanks!

  • Habitation Throw by Helen Stewart!

  • Sprocket Socks (and Hat) by Pip & Pin!

  • Dangling Conversation!

  • I just finished a hat and mittens pattern in the Jill Draper Windham minis. Coming soon, such fun!

  • I have a collection of fingering in 10 gram minis as well as one of 20 grams. I wish there was notation of which size works in a pattern using minis.

  • I love mini skein sets, but I’m always loathe to use them, so they’re so pretty! I’ll have to get over that & dig into my sets.

  • And for those of us with REALLY short attention spans, don’t forget the Freia minikins! Mini skeins with color changes within the skein. They are currently my favorite thing to knit with…

    • Agreed! I started the Passeggiata wrap with my own mixture of Minikins, and they are such fun to knit with that I ordered some more 🙂

  • I need some squad mitts on my needles ASAP!

    • Thank you for sharing this gorgeous pattern. I have just added it to my queue.

  • So happy to see you featuring the fabulous breed specific yarns from the wonderful women of Solitude! What a wonderful addition to your offerings!

  • I have a serious addiction to minis! I am currently knitting many tiny hats as ornaments using a variety of mini skeins I had in my stash. I’m using several of the patterns from these two sets of mini hats:

    I recently came across a sock pattern that uses mini skeins to make a gradient fade that’s going to be a January cast-on:

    Another favorite pattern for minis is the Lead the Way wrap, which is really easy to modify for how many minis you have…and it’s got tassels!

  • The Melanie Berg pattern is on sale today! I just snagged a copy. (Dec 12)

  • This blog is the best! I have two sets of mini skeins (from advents) and had no idea what to do with them! They are so pretty though! I figured I’d have to go buy a base color and go for a sweater. Thanks for the ideas!

  • Python Shawl by Emilia Jensen

  • I just finished a Cameron sweater by Tanis Lavalee using Windham mini skeins and a couple of skeins of solid.
    I wish we could post pics in your comments.
    Maybe you can see it here:
    I have leftovers, and I can’t wait to see what I make with them.

  • I’m currently have Arne & Carlos’ Sock Yarn Teddy Bear on the needle and I’m plotting to make a scrappy version out of all of the leftover mini skeins from the mitered square blanket I’m making.
    Gap had a wide striped Brannan bear a couple years ago that I’m using for inspiration.
    The beauty of a stuffed toy is that all of your ends are hidden from view.