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  • Has anyone knitted the Mood Cardigan with long sleeves?

    • I was just wondering the same thing!

    • It would be very straightforward to make the sleeves as long as you want just by adding length to the big rectangle that will be turned into a tub for the sleeves. The question I would have would be whether you’d need to add shaping at the ends of the tube so that the sleeves are less full. They would be very full sleeves if you didn’t do that–which may be fine, just something to think about.

      But once you’ve done the construction for this cardigan once, you can easily see how to add length to the sleeves.

    • I’ve been thinking about that, too. Maybe just continue the cuff for a slim, ribbed sleeve? But I worry about throwing off the proportions and changing the mood!

  • Oh, I think your stylist did a great job. Everything – at least to me! – looks in proportion. Love the color of your Mood! Chloe

  • Congratulations! Beautiful work!

  • Looking good❤

  • Love it! It looks so cozy. Thank you for showing it on more than one shape!

    • I agree, thanks for showing it on different handy models. It came out beautifully!

  • Was unsure of this pattern. Not anymore. Just beautiful!

  • I am still on the sleeves (Christmas gifts intervened) but I love working on it. Seeing your progress has been inspirational and informative. You helped me realize that I don’t need stitch markers, that the more one knits the better it looks and that Rustic Fingering is heaven in my hands.

    • “The more one knits the better it looks”–I love that phrasing, it applies to so much knitting, and reminds me of Kaffe Fassett’s advice when you don’t like a color combination you’ve got going: add another color.

  • Every time I see a post about the Mood Cardigan, it makes me want to cast on and start knitting. Dang, this is an awesome sweater!! I’m going to have to get some yarn and get going on it!!

  • What a beautiful cardigan-congratulations!

  • So glad I finally decided to cast on Mood! I love your FO and reading along as you made progress has inspired me to stick with it. On sleeves…still. I love the lace repeats, love working on it in evenings as a sort of calming-me-down moment of zen. I have so many WIP right now, but this one stays in front me. I’d love to see your yarn choice for a second Mood–that was the hardest part for me as I wanted to work from stash.

  • Congratulations on a gorgeous Mood! I am knitting one for my daughter, and wondering if I need one too. In the meantime, all is on hold while I knit Christmas stockings for new family additions. Two questions: Anyone else have TWO children get married during the pandemic? and more importantly, what size did you knit your Mood?

    Full disclosure, wedding one was long planned and then re-planned for COVID safety, wedding two is coming up (and tiny) – and we’re SO happy to have these names on the stockings!

    • I had two great-nieces get married — within a week of one another. Both small, immediate-family-only events. We are hoping for big anniversary celebrations a year hence.

  • Love it! Since you knit on a smaller needle. did you get gauge? or adjust for length/width? And how much ease?
    This short person is interested, and likes her fabric for this better on a Size 5 needle.

    Wow- a beach when it is fall …. and the crowds are gone.

  • Mood No. 1 looks good! Now, where’s Olive’s?

  • It looks fabulous on everyone, but we definitely need to see more pictures of it on you 🙂

    • I’ve been thinking about this too. Hope to see a picture with Kay modeling the front of her Mood. Love this sweater!

  • I think I’m a rib down person. That collar looks so comfy.

  • Fantastic! Colour, shape, drape, variety – all wonderful.

  • I really appreciated the pictures of different wearing styles. I honestly thought “ what’s the big deal about this cardi” —-now I get it. Just might have to knit one after the Christmas rush! Thanks so much for the pictures