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  • I have enjoyed selecting my first project from this guide, although I have loved knitting lace shawls from time to time. Jeanette has a variety of lace patterns and I intend to knit each project in the guide!

  • Thank you for the great article and wonderful patterns in Field Guide 15, they have been a bright spot in Avery bleek year! have made the Rib and Tumbling blocks scarves and now you have inspired me to get my lace needles out again and try my hand at the Aperture Stole.

  • I just opened this post and scrolled. Such a pretty thing it is! Now, I’ll go back and do the words, but just had to say thanks. I’m nuts for colors. And for these patterns. And for these yarns. Lovely way to start a day. Thanks.

  • These patterns are all so lovely…and inspiring. But more than that, I have enjoyed meeting you! If there is an upside to this dreadful pandemic, it’s that it has given me time to spend in places like this and with people like you. And then when I am by myself, I am making beautiful things. Thank you.

  • Jeanette, you are inspiration itself. MDK, you are motivation itself! It is difficult not to just sit and knit all day after reading any of these daily posts.

  • I can see that a designer would want to keep swatches for reference, but what do ordinary knitters do with them?

    • Put them in the to-be-made-into-pom-poms pile in your closet, forget about them, panic when you’re just a couple of yards short at the end of a big project, remember them, rejoice. Or – order more yarn / re-knit to eke out an ending, and rediscover after the fact. I am also more correctly described as an “occasional knitter” but when I’m excited about (or trying to figure out) a thing I’m swatching, I will hang it some where in the house to admire and contemplate.

  • Hi beautiful how do I get this book please thankyou

    • Yasmin – click on the link in the first sentence, it says Field Guide 15:Open. That will take you to the book in the MDK store. Happy knitting!

  • With all the talk about wearing the Mood Cardigan in different ways it would be helpful to see two images side by side where this is actually shown please. Loving the designs!

  • This is very interesting. Not a lace knitter myself, but much in admiration, and v inspired by the knitting by the women of the Shetland Islands.