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Jeanette Sloan

Designer · Brighton and Hove, England

Jeanette Sloan is a British knitwear designer who lives in the city of Brighton and Hove, on the south coast of England.

With more than 170 designs in her Ravelry portfolio, Jeanette has been working at a peak of imagination and skill for a very long time. Along with many contributions to The Knitter and Knitting magazines, she has recently co-edited a collection with Kate Davies, Warm Hands, a delectable collection of 15 designs for gloves, mitts, and mittens.

Jeanette has also been a powerful voice in the ongoing conversation about diversity in the knitting world. In 2018, her article for Knitting magazine, “Black People Do Knit,” set her on a path to increase the visibility and promotion of BIPOC makers in the fiber world. She worked tirelessly to create BIPOC in Fiber, a new website that celebrates a huge number of designers, yarn makers, and artists.

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