Aperture Stole: Riffing

October 7, 2020

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  • Lounger Sharle’s cardigan is gorgeous. I love the variegated yarn she used.. Chloe

  • Your Aperture is a thing of beauty Cristina

    • Thank you!

  • Beautiful spring-boarding Cristina! I love seeing the close up of the doubled Gleem. So lovely!

    • Thank you, Nell!

    • just gorgeous!

  • Y’all, I’m getting no save flag, though I’m signed in.

    • Try refreshing the page on the article.

  • I love the riffing Christina! That Gleem Lace is something else!

    • Sooooo soft!

  • Whenever I change a pattern by adding more or less of a required stitch, I feel as though I am cheating. Hopefully now, after reading this, I can think of it as adapting.