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  • Thanks for sharing Jeanette, I love the stories behind these objects 😀

    • What a treat it was this morning to read and seeJeanette’s treasurers!! They are all special.

  • All of what you shared is so wonderful but my favorite is the swatch ransom note! It reminds me of something a friend and I did to a co-worker about a million years ago but it involved the daily banana she brought to the office. My story ended up with the banana blindfolded and tied to a loaf of banana bread, with photos and ransom notes sent to its long-suffering rightful owner. We did succeed in making her laugh . . .

    • Thinking about that blindfolded banana will make me laugh for days.
      What a lovely look into Jeanette’s life. The framed beer mats are fabulous. I, too, must have a daft sense of humor.

  • Wow. This is terrific! I especially loved the picture of you and Sam. And your Mom. And your garden!! Thank you for sharing these pieces of your life.

  • Totally lost in this rabbit hole! Thanks for the trip through a visual of part of your interesting world. Blanket envy!

  • Great objects with stories to match. It has been driving me crazy because I always felt that I had met you and now I have figured out where. HK Handknits in Edinburgh. I spend part of my life there and part in Canada. I wandered into the shop and wanted some Louisa Harding yarn for a cardigan but you didn’t have enough so you called Jenners (maybe) and found more of the same dyelot. It was such great customer service I was very impressed. Unfortunately by the time I made it back you were gone.

  • What a lovely way to “meet” someone. That Hmong blanket! Wow!

  • What a privilege to have a peek into your world, Jeanette! I so appreciate your willingness to show us these beautiful things and your beautiful Mum and the lovely portrait of yours and Sam’s shadows together. It is deeply meaningful and inspiring to hear your thoughts behind these things that you have chosen to be a part of your home and office. I also loved getting to hear a little about your life and the paths that you have trod.
    Thanks so much!

  • Thanks for inviting us into your world.

  • I have new goals for my office chair. I will have to find a different way, of course…rockfaces, ropes, not gonna happen for me. Thanks for a lovely way to start a Monday.

  • And speaking of designs and objects, the cover of Field Guide 15 has a picture that looks exactly like my antique folding wire laundry basket. When this Field Guide came out I admired the photo and wondered what it was.

  • Thanks, Jeanette. My favorites are the beer mats, the tweed hearts and the Charlie Harper birds. Harper is based in Ohio, where I live, but not very close by, though I became a fan before moving to Ohio from the east coast of the US.

  • Have so enjoyed getting to know you. I loved listening to the MDK Jeanette Sloan and Melanie Falick in Conversation and “A Portrait in Objects”. You are so inspiring! Your patterns are so beautiful! Can’t wait to get Field Guide 15.

  • Thank you for sharing your special world.

    • Such a lovely peek inside an amazing designer’s private life – and how kind to invite us in. Thank you! The pictures, stories and precious objects are all so sweet!

  • The photo of your mom made me chuckle. So lovely. The birds look calming. I could see putting those on one of my walls also. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you for sharing some your precious and beautiful things and people.

  • Love love love this! A big YES to creating joy in our everyday environments, and giving space to things that warm our hearts.

  • This just proves that fun and creative people surround themselves with fun and creative objects!

    • Absolutely!

  • This will sound corny but I have a new appreciation of the designs in Field Guide 15. Thank you MDK and Designer Jeanette for this creative post! (love the T or Kofi coasters!)

  • This was so much fun, so interesting, and a wonderful new way of viewing someone you don’t know, but would really enjoy knowing! Great idea!

  • Thank you. Loved it. Beautiful inspiring fun funny. What more is there?

  • What a wonderful Monday morning treat to read about the things/ objects that you love, that inspire you.
    I think the photo of your mom, and the photo of you and Sam, are my two favorites.
    Thank you

  • Thank you Jeanette for sharing some of the beautiful people and things in your life.

  • When you did the conversation on line I was listening but I love to look behind people. I sent a message the I loved your space. Thank you for sharing more of what you love and why. I look at all the odd stuff I have collected and wonder if my family knows what I keep it. Something to do in this t
    Strange Time.

  • I loved all of Jeanette’s article. Very memorable piece. And such fun!

  • What a lovely discovery for me! Thank you all, this look at life is so inspiring.

  • Thank you so much for such a delightful post!! What a warm and welcoming home you have, surrounded by love and joy. And your mom is TOO CUTE. Thanks for sharing, Jeanette!

  • I love every single picture including the stories. Thank you for sharing. Wonderful treat!!!

    • What a lovely way to get to know someone. That blanket is just stunning. The birds on the wall are inspired and how wonderful to have an original painting of a very special place.

  • Lovely. Made me wonder what I would pull together if asked.

  • This look at Ms. Sloan’s favorite objects makes me love her even more.

  • Jeanette, you seem like you a most interesting person and I so enjoyed all the stories connected with your precious objects. I don’t have a garden to knit in anymore but I do find myself gravitating to the room with the most windows. Loved the picture of your full-of-life mother.

  • I absolutely love reading this and seeing the pictures – especially after listening to the zoom interview recently! One question – what is a knitting belt (other than something very beautiful!) and when would one be used?!

  • Love, love , love. So inspiring and what a treat as I sip my morning coffee !

  • I really enjoyed reading this. Heartwarming. And such fun and creativity also!

  • Thank you so much for sharing your pictures and thoughts with us.I am connected to my knitted projects and this helps me connect with a person. Thanks for introducing me to Charlie Hopper .Thank you again and the best to you and Sam. I sure have a lot of Thank Yous in there but I mean it.

    • I mean Charlie Harper, I must have had Edward Hopper on my brain, One of my favorites.

  • What a lovely lovely portrait and yes to Charley Harper and I have to say, Kofi may be great but Mr. T has had my heart since I was tiny.

  • ooh oh I loved HK Knits I bought yarn there in the early 2000’s during a very tricky time with my health… thank you Jeanette for keeping it going. It mean’t a lot to me and others.

  • What a wonderful article! Fascinating. Jeanette is a treasure and collects treasures.

  • Enjoyed so much reading about you Jeanette and your bird wall has given me inspiration to do something similar. Also keeping things that someone has used in their craft is a beautiful and meaningful way to preserve their memory……I have my mother’s old tracing wheel which is nearly one hundred years old….when I hold its smooth worn wooden handle…I’m back holding her. I love creating tactile art and always looking for new ideas..so please keep on with your original creations..

  • What a heartfelt and OPEN article, thank you

  • Thanks for sharing all your treasures with us. I feel it a privilege that you’ve opened up to us in this way. Please, can I ask about the sampler that was hanging behind you in the Melanie Fallick interview and that is in the picture with the houses? I love to stitch and admire samplers, so it caught my eye immediately. I’d love to know more about it!

  • What a lovely collection of colourful treasures. Thanks so much for sharing the items and their stories.

  • Beautiful. My husband has stayed sane during the last few months putting together Charlie Harper jigsaw puzzles.

  • I loved seeing these & got such a great glimpse into Jeanette’s soul. How beautiful! Thank you. PS That blanket is sigh envy!!

  • Thanks that was a lovely read. I’ve found knitting very difficult at the moment, and i used to live in Hove…random thoughts I know but I think it’s the time we’re living in. Keep safe and keep well.

  • Of course you’re in my Sangha. You like Charlie Harper too! I was astonished.