Putting the Blocks in Socks and Blocks

By Kay Gardiner
July 9, 2020

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  • Now I want to make another one with minikins and a yarn bomb!

  • Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Thank you for including my pictures! And Suzy is so excited to be blog-famous!!!

  • Now I really want to make this blanket, too.
    I adore pale pink and brown also light blue with brown.
    I am using a yarn bomb to knit Taylor, a small garter shawl with pretty detail. The yarn bomb is gorgeous. In a blanket the softness would be enchanting.
    Thanks again MDK, for all that you share!!

  • Now I want to make a Freia blanket. I don’t even like making blankets/afghans. That yarn though…

  • My kind of knitting! And I’ve recently been pining for those unconstructed summer days. Once chores were done, you could wander at will, read on screen porch, bike to the library for more books, now I add knitting, and kindle library visits.

  • I’ve gotten a bunch of different yarns from you guys, but I’ve got to say those Freias are about my favorites. Both the colors and the feel of the wool itself. I haven’t tried the minis though, I may need to rectify that!

  • Oh, I loved the way Wendy organized her Picket Fence afghan with those colors…very sumptuous!

  • OMG! So they are all great! I just cast on to start my Picket Fence again. Love Wendy’s, I look forward to her blog each week. The minkin one is genius!

  • I just am an odd knitter person I guess. I cannot knit garter in an even fashion. My stitches are all wonky. I LOVE the looks of the MDK blanket log cabins. The only one I really successes with got lost in the mail. Seriously. But I cannot pick up garter well if I mess a stitch up. How can I have so much trouble with the easiest stitch?

    • Picking up or fixing dropped stitches in garter is not as easy as stockinette, for sure. Sometimes I drop a stitch down on either side of the miscreant, then fix, to pick up some extra slack. But one of the best knitters I know HATES fixing mistakes in garter so much she will just rip out. Extreme, but to say you are not alone!

  • You’ve inspired me to make a log cabin blanket! I am also going to make the picket fence blanket- my color palette is shades of green in the Rowan cotton.

  • I’m in awe knitters!
    Beautiful job!