Knit to This Hero: Karida Collins

By Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne
July 4, 2020
Karida Collins: Dyer, Fundraiser, Force for Good.

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  • Thank you for introducing me to another wonderful person.

  • I admire Karida and Neighborhood Fibers so much. I love her yarn and am honored to support her social justice actions.

  • Karida is, and always has been, a rock star!!!! I have so much respect for her. Besides doing awesome things, she is a truly lovely person with a huge heart!

  • Thank you. I’m in danger of responding to hate with hate, overwhelmed with the ignorance and worse, and it’s wonderful to see someone who responds like this and makes a difference. Thank you for all you’re sharing. Don’t stop.

  • Karida Collins is amazing! I love NFC yarns and their beautiful colors, and I’m so happy to support a business that shares my values. I was happy to donate to the NFC Momentum Fund when I first came across it viia NFC’s newsletter, and I’m so glad others continue to donate as well.

    • I am thrilled to see Karida recognized this way. I discovered her fabulous fiber work a few years ago, and seeing her products in the MDK shop let me know you were not just paying lip service to supporting the Black community. I will gladly donate to a cause that is thinking through the “where do we go from here” protest follow-up.

  • Thank you for sharing someone who is working toward a better community. It brings joy on this 4th of July. I was born and raised in Baltimore and it’s a city that is always facing hard times, but there are many stories of hope throughout the lives of those who work and live there.

  • Thank you for sharing this story.

  • I always like to hear about people doing things to help others. There is so much need.

  • As a former Baltimorean, I am chuffed to learn of this recognition for such a wonderful person. I donated when I first learned of this effort, and am pleased to see her doing so well with the effort. Karida is truly a generous spirit. Brava!