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Dear Kay,

This is not a new podcast, but it’s a good one.

Miriam Felton has been teaching and designing knitwear for a good long while now, and her Yarn Stories is a podcast that now has several years of episodes stacked up for you.

I came across an episode from last year featuring Karida Collins, the founder of Neighborhood Fiber Co. We have been carrying Karida’s yarns with great joy these past few years, with more coming very, very soon.

I hope you’ll settle in for an hour of knitting as you listen to the conversation. You’ll find Karida and Miriam right here.




Photo of Karida Collins by Ann Weaver


  • Love her yarn, and although I’ve only met her once, I love her and the work she does!

  • Her yarn is indeed lovely – lovely hand. I bought a kit at VKL and the cowl is scrumptious; so scrumptious that I bought more yarn from her this year.

  • Bought my first yarn from Neighborhood Fiber Co. a decade ago. Sad that it’s taken this long for others to discover these treasures. Of course, it might help if articles like this got the name of the business right.

    • Thanks, Mary Lee. We’ve been carrying Karida’s yarn for years, sometimes a typo just happens. Sorry about that.

      • Love the cowl Karida is wearing. What is the pattern?

        • It’s the High Street Cowl by Ann Weaver. And thanks!

  • I need to give this a listen! I am new to Neighborhood Fiber Co but man Loft is a gorgeous yarn!! The 40% silk instead of the usual 28-30% makes a big difference for me on keeping the mohair fluffy but not itchy. And Karida’s colors are stellar!

    I am intrigued that more Neighborhood yarn is coming to MDK…so I better hurry up and finish the Dunyvaig wrap I’m making with my last order!

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