Designers to Love: Tif Neilan

By Kay Gardiner
June 22, 2020

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  • Wow! Love these!!

    • I love these designs too! Incredible and unique. Tif is a designer to watch! Bravo. Going to purchase a few Tif’s patterns right now. Yarn will be purchased soon….

  • I have been a huge fan ever since In the Tweeds was published-love her designs!

    • Tif is such an incredible designer! Her textures & creativity to embrace them in such unique way makes me move from on of her pattern right on to the next! I love the stories each design shares & the ones I add as I knit & take it on whatever journey that follows! Thank you for sharing her with so many more!! When you are looking for joy in the fiber arts Tif Neilan is definitely one of them!!

  • Thanks for introducing me to Tif Neilan, I really like what I’m seeing here. Comfort Zone especially because it’s gotten quite summery where I am, but Moonset ticks the boxes for what I like in smaller projects–interesting details and functionally perfect. I’m off to queue some things up!

  • I’m just about finished with the body of In The Tweeds. I love that you said the neck was retro. The reason I chose it was to see if I could find a neckline that worked for me for color design yokes. Everything I’ve tried has the neckline too high for my throat. I tried this one on the other day and it’s perfect so I will be using it To do more color stranding, which I love. It was fun to find a designer with my nickname.

    • Great adaptation! I have the same issue, so thanks!!

  • Love these designs! Thanks for the introduction to Tif Neilan. All the texture! Swoon! Would certainly keep my interest!

  • I really love Tif Neilan’s designs. I’m knitting “Rivers and Winding Roads” shawl. I love the texture and I’ve never seen garter stitch glimmer so much!

  • wow! the photography on Moonset took my breath away, with the glowing gold orange maple leaf against those woolly marled, striped herringbone stitches. I may have to make that one, though many of that designer’s touches (retro neck, 3/4 sleeves) appeal!