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  • Thank you Kay!! The top is BEAUTIFUL and I really appreciate your honesty about getting a little discouraged and having to regain your knitting mojo. It really does happen to everyone!! Thank you so much.

    • The way I keep track of how many rounds *within* a repeat is to work that number of stitches at the beginning of the row/round. If I’m knitting flat, I just move those stitches back to the right needle before putting my work away. If I’m in the middle of a round, I slip that number of stitches, and then knit one stitch. For example, if i was on the third round, I’d slip 3, knit 1, and put my work up.

      • Oooo, I like this. Not *always* applicable, but I’m clip-n-saving this one in my head.

  • I didn’t get Refresh yet so don’t have the pattern but from what you wrote, my solution to your row counting issue is the Sirka counter. I’m working a cardigan with integrated button and buttonhole trim. With the Sirka I can track of the rows between buttonholes and how many buttonholes I’ve done. If I had some other number of rows to keep track of, I could. Since I’m not a monogamous knitter, I have several of these counters. I swear by them.

    All of that said, I’ll still have a look at Jen’s U Tube.

    • I thought of my Sirka counter as well when I read this. Kay, I lost count of how many times I have used the baked bean recipe since you first mentioned it. It is delicious and, like all Smitten Kitchen recipes, is no fussier than absolutely necessary and delicious every time. If you have not tried her farro and tomatoes recipe, it is delicious and crazy easy and super fast as well.

  • I just watched Jen’s tutorial. What a wonderfully simple, flexible idea!

  • Quaran-time! 😀 That has made me spit out my coffee. Thank you Kay for the giggle and the kind shout out.

  • Your trellis top looks great. Mine will be in broken tile color. I hope it is not too tricky for me. I will use markers but, I still hate baked beans.. eventhough I was born in Boston.

  • Love this tip. I too have trouble counting rows even with a counter. Look forward to watching more of Jen’s tips. So glad MDK provides a way to save articles.

    • Sometimes I forget to move the counter to the next row, especially when I was tired when I stopped knitting. The next day, I’ll say that’s not the right row, so being able to read your knitting is very helpful.

  • Floop stitch markers! I love these.
    My knitting mojo is on point; but, my exercise mojo waxes and wanes. Trying to find my equilibrium.

    • That’s me as well right now. The knitting is flowing but can’t say the same for fitness.

  • I’d forgotten about Jen’s tutorial, so thanks for sharing it again. I’d tried the string method of keeping row count but always got got lost between all the knit stitches. Never thought to count on the purl side. D’oh, that’s so much easier! Thanks to Jen – she’s brilliant!

    • Also, thanks for updating your system to only allow me to save an article if I’m logged in. I used to try to save stuff & realize later that I hadn’t saved, since I’d inadvertently been logged out. Much appreciate this little design change.

  • Don’t forget MDK’s No.1 rule: Knitting is supposed to be Fun!!

    • And I love Jen’s new series, Little Lessons! She’s brilliant;)

  • I love sub rule #1: Get it together, missy! I think many of my projects will benefit from this one—thanks, Kay!

  • We need those markers. Where are they from?

  • Cute markers! What kind are these?
    Also – doesn’t look like the Sirka counter is still available 🙁
    I have yet to cast on my swatches for the Trellis top. Soon though.

  • I thought I heard Carol Feller say in her video introducing “Refresh” that there would be an instructional video in the fractured lace pattern. Is this true? If so, maybe I have overlooked it on the emails and website. This piece intrigued me but, the more I read about it the more intimidating it seems.

    • I read in the Lounge thread that she explains this in a video for one of the other pieces – perhaps the scarf?

    • You can find the instructional video for the stitches for left and right cross on the Twining Wrap. The stitches are very easy once you see the video.

      • Thank you! I hadn’t done that deep a dive into the available videos.

  • Your trellis (non-tabard) top is looking gorgeous!
    I can say that now that I’ve calmed down — I had an ‘Oh the Humanity’, heart stopping moment of dread when I saw your Fractured Lattice pattern multiples didn’t match mine – really striking since this pic is pretty close to my progress on the back – and thought I must be wrong, have forgotten how to read, etc (but equally quickly decided I was unlikely to start over).
    Then cooler heads prevailed and read the pattern and saw the multiples are different for different sizes, whew! I had my tunnel vision engaged and only read my highlighted size instructions and blocked out any differences!
    – One of your biggest fans, and Relieved in Dallas

  • Well now…..I can see what I have done wrong. As I went across the back of the pattern I neglected to read correctly . I did the fractured 16 stitch pattern, then the 8 knit stitches all the way across .It look ok but will it work? I am getting the gauge.

  • Mary Ellen here again. Now I get it…..Different sizes have different number of fractured lace stitches. I AM doing it correctly . ….such a relief

    • I went through the same range of emotions too!

      • The Trellis Top is my Zoom buddy too! I’m certain that’s the reason I’ve made the progress I have (halfway up the back). Oh dear, it WAS a heart stopping moment when I saw that yours didn’t look like mine…whew, a different size! What a startling way to begin the day!
        Because the pattern stitch rows are short, I’ve written out each one on a 3×5 card, and I flip it over as I complete each row. So far I haven’t lost track

  • Your top is lovely and I look forward to getting there before too long! I have had several false starts and a fair amount of undoing…. think I am on the right track finally.
    I have made two of the Arcade Caps and the recipients are delighted.Carol’s patterns always have a special design feature, large or small!