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Knitting is the original go-at-your-own-pace activity. We each pick up our knitting and put down our knitting as life permits. Sometimes we blaze straight on through a project, and other times we put a sweater down with just the neckband left to knit, and don’t come back to it for forty-eleven weeks or longer.

When you pick up a piece of knitting that you’ve sidelined, even for a few days, it can be challenging to re-orient. What size are you knitting? Wasn’t there a video telling you how to pick up for the i-cord and make the clever buttonholes-that-are-not-buttonholes on the Trellis Top? Where did that thing get to?

We are here to help. This post contains links to every one of the short, helpful videos that Carol Feller has made to support her designs in MDK Field Guide No. 14: RefreshAll the links will live here, in this post, shining perpetual light on knitters in search of a tidy saddle shoulder or magical i-cord buttonhole. If we end up doing any additional tutorials for these projects, we’ll add them here, to our one-stop Carol Feller education center.

The Videos

Arcade Cap

Here’s Carol’s video on how to work the decreases that form the top of the arches.

Want to chat about the Arcade Cap? There’s a topic for it in the MDK Lounge.

Twining Wrap

Here’s an overview of how this ingenious wrap is constructed, starting with just a few stitches and building into a symphony of cables.

For chat about the Twining Wrap, here’s the MDK Lounge topic.

Trellis Top 

For this snappy topper (which is not a tabard, a poncho, or a tabardo, thank you very much), the finishing is big fun. Carol’s got two videos: picking up stitches and i-cord and i-cord corners and buttonholes.

You can find a friendly group of tabard-deniers over in the Trellis Top conversation in the Lounge.

Transom Cardigan

This ultra-wearable cardigan is a master class on saddle shoulder construction. Carol made three videos: a construction overview, followed by tutorials on picking up stitches for the saddles and finally, working the short-row sleeve caps.

Over in the Lounge, you can meet with others who are knitting the Transom Cardigan.

But How Will I Find This Post?

It’s simple. You can save this post in your MDK Account. It will be right there, waiting for you, when you need it.

Here’s how to save this post in your MDK account with one click. Think of this feature as a way to build your own personal corner of MDK, where you can stash the things that are most useful to you.

The most important thing: You must be logged into your MDK account for the little bookmark icon to appear. Our website can only save something to your account if you tell it who you are by signing in.

Other Ways to Find This Post

If you don’t save this post in your MDK account, here are two other easy ways to find it.

  1. Navigate to our How To category, and browse until you find this post. There is a lot of awesomeness in our How To department, so try to stay on task while looking for this post. And if you don’t stay on task, at least you probably will learn something clever.
  2. Navigate to our Contributors page, where you will find Carol Feller. Click on Carol’s page, which will show you this post as one of her contributions to MDK. (This is an easy hack when you’re looking for any post for which you remember the author.)

About The Author

Carol Feller’s hundreds of designs are renowned for the way they combine traditional silhouettes with very modern ideas. Her new venture is a beautiful yarn, Nua—see it and much more at Stolen Stitches.


  • Lovely! I so want to knit the Transom cardigan but have two other projects on my needles one of which is a blanket for a wedding gift. I’m afraid I won’t meet the deadline for the gift so I don’t dare start another project now!

  • Plan to make this sweater…need to finish this thistle cardigan…a new experience…almost there…back later…order the yarn from knitting off broadway..owner is a very gifted young lady…Plan to save the videos…new techniques to conquer…deb

    • Even after signing into my account I do not see the bookmark tab when using my Iphone. Anyone else with this problem? Hope I remember to save it when I’m on my laptop.

      • As soon as I posted that, the icon showed up. I guess it responds to scolding.

  • I would love to save this article, but there is no bookmark tab on this! What am I missing? Only Facebook, Pinterest, email tabs.

    • Never mind! Found it!

      • Where did you find it? I don’t see it!

        • I do know how to save MDK articles, but after reloading several times, the bookmark tab has still not shown up. Some funny business going on here!

  • Wonderful, now I can find it when I get to the projects. I want to knit them all!

  • Oh, I do love a saddle shoulder!

  • Where is the ‘flag’ to save this article?

    • IIt suddenly appeared. Do these things have life?

  • I have been noticing that the little flag to bookmark articles has been missing for a while. How does it come back?

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