Pattern Parade: 6 Delicious Carol Feller Designs

By Ann Shayne
May 20, 2020

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  • I love the San Remo tee, but cap sleeves are a no fly zone for me.Is it difficult to lengthen the sleeve to the elbow? Does anyone have advice as to extra yarn needed?
    Many thanks!

    • Carol Feller would be happy to help with that. She has a site called Stolen Stitches if you want to get in touch. I’ve contacted her with questions and she’s always been helpful.

      • Thanks Betty! I’ll do that!~

  • Love the patterns…Plan to make one of her cardigan sweaters soon..Deb

  • I love this yarn. Might have to make something else when I finish my trellis sweater.

  • Oh my gosh YES. I love those shawls. And the tee. And the cardis! I’m a little nervous about buttons, but that pattern might overcome my objections!

  • Is there a way to save this article to our MDK accounts? I’d really like to bookmark it for the future!

  • I want to knit most of them, but the construction of the Guggen is genius. I am also particularly entranced by the Brooklands Shawl.

  • Spraoi is pronounced “spree.” It loosely means “fun”, I believe

    • As if I needed any more reason to knit it, but I love that!

  • I love the baby sweater. Is that pattern available?

    • Yes, if you tap the title in orange above it it will take you to ravelry where you can buy it:-)

  • The Brooklands Shawl is screaming my name. I love everything about it!

  • I just recently finished Sanremo. It was a fun, easy knit. Love the stay.

  • Oh, my! I need a Spraoi in my Dallas-weather life! That’s gotta happen, if once I can decide which one of my favorite colors to pick!
    Oh, who am I kidding – it will be Cerebellum. . .

    • ‘if once’? Long day. Pick whichever one suits you for that sentence, lol

  • I swatched for my Tabouli in Nua, and oh my goodness, this yarn is wonderful! It’s soft while knitting, but after blocking, it’s even better; even my husband commented on how nice and soft it is.

  • Could you give a gauge for the nua sport? I am thinking of a couple of patterns that call for worsted weight, wondering if nua sport would work?