The Transom Cardigan: Let’s Do This Thing

By Kay Gardiner
April 27, 2020

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  • Thank you!! I want to save this but don’t see the little icon for doing that. It’s probably right in front of me…..

    • I didn’t have it either, so I went up to the human icon at the top right, logged in to my account, went back to the original page, and the ‘save article’ icon had appeared. Hope this helps.

      • Thank you! Just did the same, and it worked.

  • Yes, the little ribbon thingy is not there

  • Me, too! No ribbon icon!

  • I’m having the same problem. The little ribbon is not there to save article.

  • Check to be sure you’re signed into your account – click the little person icon in the upper right-hand corner, next to the shopping cart.

    • Thank you!! Once I signed in I was able to save it.

  • I LOVE saddle shoulder and they sit so well when wearing. Learnt so much and enjoy your broadcasting ever since I met up with you on KNIT Stars.. Thank you. Keep safe, Jackie, UK

  • Two things: VERY helpful video (thank you!) and Jackie UK’s comment that saddles “sit so well” on the shoulders is very motivating. Had always thought they were just a style feature. Chloe

  • I plan to start the Transom cardi this week. I’ve read over the instructions a few times and though I’m an experienced knitter I’ve been a little intimidated. I’ve bookmarked this post and I’m sure I’ll watch the videos over and over.

  • Wonderful video tutorials! Thank you! I’m going to knit the Trellis Top first, but think I may knit the Transom Cardi as well. This is so fun! Thank you!

  • Good morning,
    I have registered my new account, went out and back into the website, and still cannot figure out how to save any of these tutorials.
    thanks, Audrey

  • I have logged into my account and the ribbon icon is still not appearing for me. There may be an issue with it since others have noticed the same problem. I tried several times and have been successful with this previously but today its not happening.

    • Ok it just appeared for me after I refreshed the page so maybe that is the missing piece.

  • What is the name of the gal the knit all the dresses using a doily type stich

    • Her name is Tatyana Carr. (I Googled “Fruity Knitting doily dress”)

  • I would love to do the cardigan but I can’t stop knitting the Ballband washcloths. I had 10 balls of cotton which makes two each and I can’t stop. Have 12 so far. I feel like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice with knitting needles!

  • Thank you MDK and Carol Feller for the videos. I’m right at the short row sleeve cap part of the pattern. This is a tremendous help! I consider myself a fairly experienced knitter, but this is my first sweater with a saddle, and I love the construction of this pattern. There is enough going on at the beginning of the pattern to challenge you, and just when your brain needs a break, you’re at the joining of the front and back with a stretch of pretty much straight knitting (with a little cable pattern thrown in). Love this pattern!