A Thing to Look Forward To: The Refreshalong

By Ann Shayne
April 21, 2020

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  • Thank you for the pep talk. I’ve already done a swatch to try out the stitch pattern for the TT (Trellis Tabard). I’m a knight knitter and proud of it. I love all the patterns in Refresh but TT won my heart.

  • Here’s an exuberant YES to a zoom knitting circle! I have my eyes on the not-a-tabard…is there a way to estimate how many skeins of Nua I’ll need?

    • If you check the pattern details on Ravelry you can get a good idea of how many to order.

    • Another exuberant yes to zoom! I have an account that up to 100 can join at a time if we need techie details!

    • Count me in! I am awaiting the arrival of my first Field Guide. A Nua order will go out today. My plan is to complete the hat and tabbard on this shared journey.
      Be well!

    • I’m in with the Arcade Cap. It will be perfect for early morning walks this spring (it’s still chilly here in New England!). Ordered my Nua and can’t wait to cast on. ♥️

  • I have my Nua sport ready to go for the TT; and I can’t wait! I have never participated in a KAL, but feel the need to connect with other knitters right now – very excited!!

  • How many skeins of Nua Sport is needed for the projects?

  • I’d love to play-a-long in the knit-a-long on a zoom-a-long! Thank you for inspiring and organizing.

    • I just ordered 6 skeins of Nua Sport in Unexpected Macaw to do Trellis Top. I plan to practice and do a swatch as soon as I get my delivery. Hoping to be able to complete this with everyone’s help.

      • I just got a beep from Canada Post—my Unexpected Macaw is arriving today! Now for the Twining Wrap—with minimal cable experience!

  • The Thawing of the Meat is fantastic – we celebrated it Sunday night into Monday. Have you tried The Cleaning of the Lint Trap? That’s on my docket for Saturday.

    Can’t wait to get the new Field Guide in the mail!

  • Love that the Refreshalong goes through the end of August!!!

  • Finishing up my Quarantine Blanket (almost done!) so I can swatch for the TT. I ordered the Nua sport as soon as I received the field guide and I’m so looking forward to this KAL.

  • Just got my Field Guide #14 and my 2 skeins of Nua…boy is that yarn wonderful!!! I’m going to make the hat! I may start before May because I need another project to get started on!

  • Awaiting my Nua for the cardigan (which I’m now -gulp- a tad nervous about). HUZZAH for knitalong support and fun!

  • I began swatching for the TT last evening and I wanted to shout from the rooftops how wonderful Nua Sport is! It is so soft and shows beautiful stitch definition. Can’t wait to get started on the Refreshalong!

  • I’m in! The Trellis Top is already in my queue. ❤

  • Do you carry any buttons worthy of the TT? The plastic ones available at my local fabric store just won’t do.

    • Check out @woolymossroots on Instagram. They make buttons from wood and bone. They are perfect for this project

  • My TTT (Trellis Top for a Texan) is underway! It’s a great sweater-ish solution for us folks where what passes for winter is hazardously short to really enjoy a yummy wool sweater with sleeves and all that very often. I have a sneaky plan to add on a Twining Wrap as well – those cables in Nua Sport are so delightfully textured! The Padded Cables deliver so much yum with only occasional interruptions of stockinette, making it such a satisfying knit. My affection for the so-soft yet strong Nua Sport in Cerebellum is immeasurable – it will be a happy knit to linger over through the summer, as we all become a bit more like Nua!

  • I’m in! By May 1st hope to have all of the yarn to maybe do two of the projects in Refresh.

  • ❤️ Looking forward to making the Trellis Top!

  • Love the idea of a knit along. Can I participate while working on my own project? I have several in the works and really can’t start a new one right now. Please send instructions as to how I can participate. Not the greatest when it comes to computers.
    Ruth Ellen

  • Okay, I’m in. I’ve had the Field Guide and the requisite number of skeins of yarn in my shopping cart for a week, while I pondered the expense. This morning I ‘fessed up to my husband, and he said “Go for it!” So I hit “Send,” and Bob’s your uncle — I’m in! Can’t wait to get started!

  • I just ordered my yarn for the wrap! Yea, my first KAL

  • I’m ready to refresh with the twining wrap. Love the shape and movement. Zoom meets ups are fun. We are having a zoom bday party for my littlest tomorrow. Who is turning 28. I can in disbelief. But anyway. Zoom is what we have and it is fun to be in the company of other knitters.

  • I’m in! I have some of Carol’s yarn in my stash. I haven’t decided which project to knit.

  • I’m in. I think the hat will be my speed. A knit along sounds great. Zoom also would be fun. We have a local Zoom knit along on Friday morning which works well. We all just need to be careful since Zoom is easy to hack. Read This is a detailed article but not technical on how to block the nasty folk from your meetings step by step. It’s an FYI.

    I just got my box of goodies; a sinfully great book “Making Marls”, wonderful Nua yarn and yet another Field Guide #11 on socks. Can’t wait to start new projects.

    Cheers to all. Be Safe. Sue

    • Got my #14, got to figure out the rest. Got to be IN.

  • Although I’m a bit nervous about taking this on, I am ordering my Nua Sport for the TT today. Hoping to be able to finish with the help of all my online friends!

  • Like Ann, I started my wrap early with stash yarn. A true DK weight and larger needles. Ann you’re right, you do fall into a groove especially on the wrong side rows. Saving my Nua for Transom and maybe the hat as I ordered an extra couple.

  • I would love to participate in a Zoom meeting – my guide will be here soon hopefully, have some yarn and got some Nua also. Am looking forward to it!

  • I’m all in…. as soon as I narrow down the perfect option.

  • I’m ordering the book now, hope it comes in time to start on May 1. I’m looking in my stash for a substitute yarn, because the Nua is quite expensive.

  • I’m in. The Twining Wrap or Transom Cardigan for me.

  • A Zoom session would be great.

  • I’m in with the cardigan! I have yarn in my stash that I’ve been looking for the perfect fit, and my gauge was excellent! Squee!

  • Can I join the knitalong but work on my own project? I have several going and don’t want to start new one. I would love the company of some fellow knitters while my husband and I sit out this nightmare in Toronto, Canada. And I would be happy to bring some Canadian flavour to the group.❤️

  • I’m in. I started my Twining wrap today in Nua Sport Hatter’s Teal Party. It is gorgeous!! A Zoom call would be fun & interesting! How many little faces can we fit on our screens

  • I’m in with the Trellis Top! In “Mosquito Coast”.

  • Yes, please to Zoom! Have my yarn and need to swatch for the Trellis Top. Would love to knit “with” others.

  • I’m in with the Trellis Top, also. I’ve just ordered my Nua from Stolen Stitches (since I’m in the EU, fewer problems with customs than when I order from the US).

  • This will be my first knit-a-long.. Exciting. I’m knitting the Transom and have done my swatch. (yes I love to swatch) I’m in love with Nua Sport. The feel, the stitch defination.

  • This is my first knit along as well. I’m excited to get my yarn and start on the transom cardigan.

  • My first KAL as well as some other knitters here. Going for the TT and have the Nua yarn and Field Guide ready. Finishing up a quilt project today so I can swatch tonight and be ready for the start tomorrow. Excited to get started on this project!

  • Did I miss how to join this?! Is it zoom? What time tomorrow? This will be my first KAL having recently gotten back into knitting after a long hiatus! I’m so excited to be knitting the wrap!