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  • How very clever!

  • I have the Field Guide. I have the yarn. Now I have the know how. Thank you for this video. I have already saved it. I might just put aside the Salvage Heart Cardigan for 5 hours.

  • Very helpful!

  • The cleverness of this design leaped out of the page at me! Can’t wait to try it!

  • I chose the arcade hat as my first project for the field guide. Now I am working on the vest. Interesting approach to cable in both patterns.

  • This is a great hat. I actually want to knit it but I’m so bad at knitting in the round–dang those twisted stitches! I feel like I need to do about 50 cowls in straight garter and then I can move on! :-p

    • I just ran across your comment, and wondering if you mean twisting in the original stitches? Or twisting of the cast on row when you join it for knitting in the round. Neither one is difficult to address, and well worth the investigating. Especially if it’s creating a barrier to you knitting that hat.

      • When I go to join in the round. No matter how careful I am, I always twist the stitches!

  • I’m confused. I can see how Carol is making the decreases for her closed cable, but isn’t that changing the total stitch count for the row? Perhaps that’s intentional for the cap shaping, but if one wanted to do this technique on a flat piece — a blanket or the front of a sweater — wouldn’t it be necessary somehow to replace those decreased stitches?

    • I think that the decreases are part of the hat’s shaping. It’s use a few stitches so it would be very subtle and I’m guessing that she has more dramatic decreases at the very top.

      If you are doing a flat piece then absolutely you would need to compensate. If I had to do it, I would hide the increases in the purls between the knit stitches of the arches. A couple of pfb and you would pretty neatly regain the lost stitches.

      I think this could be used for some sweater waist shaping.

  • Thanks for the tutorial. It looks like a good challenge!

  • Ooh, good! Just got my Refresh Book in the mail yesterday. Now to mull over the best color for me.

  • This is amazing and beautiful to watch