A DK-Weight Sock Recipe

April 6, 2020

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  • My granny used to knit us dk weight socks as welly socks. <3

  • Brilliant. Just brilliant as we cruise thru Autumn and into Winter in the Southern hemisphere. I even have sock DK on hand. (Important in these days of lockdown)

  • Thanks. This is certainly one to bookmark. A great way to use up the DK stash which has not been getting much attention since I discovered sock knitting! Now I can cast on some winter weight boot socks.

  • Wow, this is a keeper, especially for all that math so clearly laid out for us. Thank you, Kate and MDK. Be well, all.

  • Thank you, thank you! I have wanted the “math” of this for a long time! I actually love the math part but didn’t have confidence where socks were concerned. Just see,Ed daunting to me!

  • This is so great! When I first saw the photo at the top I thought what the heck is that?! I soon realized it and loved it. I’ve tried swatching in the round and was never sure about it so this really helps.

  • Thank you!! How does one know if a DK yarn is sock worthy? And I’m going to try that swatching method!!

  • I have seen other sock patterns for DK yarn, and my question is always, how can I wear thicker socks with my everyday shoes? I would need to buy bigger shoes! Can anyone clue me in?

  • When I am knitting stockinette, I will often knit back and forth, without turning the work to the purl side. Would this work for swatching in the round,, since I am not purling?

    • Hmmm… I suspect it wouldn’t. The goal with your swatch is to replicate how you make socks, and if you don’t knit backwards in socks, then you don’t want to knit backwards in your swatch. Does that make sense?

  • This is perfect- I have been wanting to knit the Wanderlust patterns with DK for ages. Of course, I have just cast on a pair in 4ply, but these will be next in the queue! Thank you x

  • Great column! Very clearly written, as always. One question on the last point: when increasing for k2, p2 ribbing, wouldn’t you (k1, k1fb, p1) at the two increase points for a set of four stitches?

    • Goodness, yes, you are right! I will fix the column. Thanks for the nudge.

  • awesome posts. excited to make! now how much yarn do i need? 😎

  • Thank you so much! You always point out the logic in knitting, I appreciate it!

  • I usually make DK weight socks; some results with my own designs better than others. This will help. Thanks.

  • This is a keeper. Thanks! DK socks are my new preferred knit for husbands size 14 feet.

  • I’d love to knit socks with DK yarn, but doesn’t that make your sock too thick to fit in your regular shoes?

  • This is exciting. Thank you. I have been tempted to try to make socks but haven’t gotten up the courage to do so. Now is the perfect time. I want to order the paperback “Wanderlust Field Guide,” the yarn and needles so that they all ship in one package. Since I can’t read the pattern until after I buy the guide, can anyone tell me roughly how much of the Shakti DK and how much of the Barnyard Knits fingering weight yarn I should order to make a pair of men’s (foot size 12) standard cuff length socks out of each yarn? Thanks in advance.

  • DK weight socks are great for me bc I often wear loose clogs (for work), boots, or winter footwear. Or around the house!
    The few shoes I have that this would be too tight for a summer shoes where I probably dont want a thick sock anyways. Although I go to school with many young women in their early 20s and apparently socks with sandals is totally a thing – they wear it with purpose and confidence! And they tend to be bright fun socks and Birks or Chacos/Tevas.

  • KATE!!! You are a life saver (without a hole in the middle). My poor MIL suffers from water retention and is unable to find socks that fit her. Now in her 90s, her feet and legs get very cold in cooler weather.
    Never having knit socks before, I was fearful of making socks that would not fit her. Thanks to your GENIUS ‘recipe’, MIL will have long socks that fit, made with thick, warm, long-wearing wool. I can hardly wait to see the expression on her face!!!

    Thank you for that… and for your Sock Recipe.

    God bless and keep you WELL and SAFE.

    Your friend,
    MJ, the SKEINdinavian

  • Where do you purchase your yarn and swatch guage?

  • Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! The yarn producers will thank you too, because now I can buy ALL THE YARNS. I started knitting socks just a few months ago and I can’t stop. Your instructions are immeasurably helpful and I can’t wait to start the next pair. I’m an MDK and Kate fan for life!!