Self-Care and the Single Knitter

March 30, 2020

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  • I appreciate the Skullcrusher Mountain reference!
    ”Welcome to my secret lair on Skullcrusher Mountain…”

  • Thanks Max. This is a great article. I’m quite happy in my world where I will stay single until I meet someone who doesn’t try to destroy my ability to care for myself, and if that happens to be forever I’m fine with that. I have plenty of stuff I still want to do!

  • Self care works. I was married in a dysfunctional relationship for 15 years. We divorced and I spent the next few years taking a break from dating, committed to growing and self care. Grew into someone I had no idea I could be, someone I was proud of, happy, accomplished and self sufficient. It was not always easy and took time but it was worth it. When I was ready to start dating again, was able to sort through the “no’s” and be patient because I liked my life. Met a wonderful, adult, man who also practiced self care. We have a strong, loving, ten year relationship, through joys and challenges where self care fits easily with “us”care too. Life willing, we are good for the long haul.

  • I divorced my husband 20 years ago and although I get lonely, not as lonely as I was when I was married

  • Amen! 🙂 My dad used to say, “anyone can *get* married,” and then went on to tell me that just getting married doesn’t mean it’s going to be a good marriage, or even a healthy one. I still want to be in a relationship, but at this point in my life I’m not nearly as desperate as I was when I was younger. Yay!

  • Thank you for these gems! Also, this is one of my all time favorite paintings – love it as a rep for self care.

  • Well said! Thank you. This year will be our 32nd anniversary, successfully practicing ‘self care’ together.

  • Well said, Max. Thank you

  • I really enjoyed this. I was in a sad marriage 26 years. Been on my own 10 years and bought myself a “Freedom” ring. I totally glad to take this time to do better for me. During the last five years I cared for my sick Mother and was so happy I could dedicate that time. We worked on our genealogy research and found missing family links.

  • I am tired of the notion that one is “doomed” if they remain single. I’m 63 and have been single for many years. I have come to appreciate my singledom and actually prefer it. I don’t feel like I am doomed and am actually very content.

  • I was in a controlling marriage for forty two years. I husband died nine years ago. The freedom was overwhelming. I like myself and do as I please.

  • Love,love,love your site! Wouldn’t miss a day for all the tea in China! Keep it up!