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  • Choosing a color has become my only obstacle. My LYS has the yarn in stock and my birthday is this month. And I have never done “A Bang Out “ so I am in and so excited ! At this time last year, I couldn’t feel the needles in my hands because I had a spinal surgery that caused a neuropathy. I can now hold tiny dbls.
    That is something to celebrate !

  • I’ve got gauge and I’m ready to begin! I’ve decided to knit Cristina Shiffman’s pullover version, but not as cropped. I’ve measured and marked and feel more prepared than usual for knitting a sweater (i.e. really trusting my measurements and giving them thought). I will cast on this afternoon….it’s rainy and cold here, which translates to perfect sweater knitting in front of a beautiful fire! Thank you for lighting my February knitting fire!

  • YAHOO!!! I cannot wait!!

    • I am using a different yarn, since I wanted my sweater to be machine washable and dryable. I have done my gauge swatch and am ready to cast on tomorrow morning. Since November 1, 2019, I have knitted three pullover sweaters, four cowls, and crocheted two ladies coccoon shrugs. I finished the last sweater yesterday, so my hands are ready to start something else. Being retired gives me plenty of time to knit, so I am confident about finishing this beautiful sweater in 29 days. I chose a gray similar to the sample, since it’s a wonderful neutral shade.

  • Is it cheating to count as a bang! kitchener-ing the underarms of Hélène Magnusson’s Gamaldags in Lettlopi? That and blocking, and then bang! I have a gorgeous sweater I can wear a few times a year in Dallas in the cold snaps! I may have to find somewhere cold to visit . . .

  • I love the photo gallery. Aren’t women modelling their handcrafted garments beautiful!! I’m still hoping to join in. Just need to work out how many yards of yarn I have then I will be able to work out what style I can do.

  • I’m ready to try this, again. First attempt, too small:(

  • I’m not going to be able to bang out a sweater this year BUT this weekend I am wearing my Liberty Tree sweater I banged out last year. I just love it and I learned a lot while knitting it.

  • I’m going with Cristina’s pullover version. Winding yarn tonight!

  • I really enjoy seeing the different colors and the different ease allowances. And fun to see ladies I met at Shakerag, too.

  • Well, what great timing! I have just re-swatched for my Superbulky Grandpa. (Pattern and yarn purchased last year.) I was inspired by the inestimable Dana Williams-Johnson right here one your inestimable blog! I have kept hesitating because, well, it’s a sweater, even if one on big needles that promises to go quickly. It will be good to have the virtual support of other sweater knitters. It’s what helped get me through my only other sweater, the Stopover by the (of course) inestimable Mary Jane Mucklestone.