Brittany Big Double Point Needles

By Brittany


These are the good ones, people. Smooth and birchy, sustainably harvested, made in California by warm-hearted folks.


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Big double-pointed needles are hard to find, but we got you!

Surveying the big-DPN landscape, we may have wrinkled our noses just a little. Plastic? For knitting Jen Geigley’s precious Big Wool knits from MDK Field Guide No. 12?

We were not having that. 

Luckily, the good people at Brittany make big, beautiful birch wood needles. They feel so good in your hands that you might forget that you are knitting the supersmall circumference of a sleeve, or the ever-diminishing stitch count on the crown of a hat.

Smooth, for sure, but with just that little bit of stick that encourages a stitch to stay where it ought to be.

We carry them in sizes 11 and 13, the better to get gauge with Rowan Big Wool and other bulky yarns.