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  • I have to confess I just dove right in when I didn’t like DPN’s I bought 2 pair of circulars and I just knew, don’t know how I knew just did that if the pattern had an even number of stitches such as 56 or 64 IO just divided the stitches evenly on the two sets of needles. with 56 there are 7 sets of 2×2 ribbing and with 64 there are 8 sets of 2×2 ribbing.I also mark my ribbing so that I can’t make a mistake 50 stitches back and have to rip out a whole row. With markers every 4 stitches I only have to rip out 4 stitches. When you get to the heel you choose which set of needles will be your heel and which will be you top and just knit the heel per the directions on your heel needles.

  • “Needle-agnostic”. . I’ve got from being an avowed DPN-er to really liking magic loop. Socks are my portable knitting & it’s nice to not worry about dropping a DPN while I’m out & about. I seem to alternate between the two, depending on my mood. I can’t stand the two circs method, though. Too many dangly bits for me with that method.

  • I am working on a new sock pattern right now that uses after thought heels & toes..basically you are knitting a tube & 2 socks at once makes up the tube with waste yarn marking heels & toes to be done afterwards. Pattern is by Erica K Broughton & called Afterthought Everything Socks which I found on Ravelry site. I use 2 circs for all my sock making as I find that easier than dpns or magic loop knitting. Everyone who wants to knit socks needs to try many different methods & needles until they feel comfortable. Once you establish your needle preferences you can convert any pattern easily as Kate Atherley explained.

    • Good to know, Plenty of YouTube demo’s to give me an idea of which to try. Magic Loop so far seems ok but I think I want to try each to find what works. For me.

  • Thanks for this! I think it’s great that there are so many ways of knitting small tubes now, even though I am a dedicated cuff-down, 5-DPN sock knitter. Every once in a while, I find myself using just 4 DPNs for some reason, but I really like working with a square rather than a triangle. Interestingly (or maybe, weirdly), I like to use 2 circs for knitting sleeves, but not for socks. I think the heel turn makes more sense to my head on DPNs. I’ve tried magic loop and, for me, it seemed more fiddly than DPNs. I would like to try those new-fangled flexible DPNs, though!

  • I loved knittijg socks but stopped because they were always too big around! I have long but smaller circumference feet. If i use fewer stitches, it wont stretch over my heel ankle.

    • Have you tried making a deeper heel? Many sock patterns split the heel at 50/50 (half heel / half instep), but for those with higher arches a deeper heel is needed and the trick is to split your tube o’ stitches more like 60/40…60% heel and 40% instep, or whatever makes sense for the pattern repeat. Hope this helps! Was a game changer for my sock production.

    • Nancy! This article might be helpful. https://www.moderndailyknitting.com/sock-skills-tweaking-the-fit-of-a-short-row-heel/

  • Learned to knit socks on 5 DPNs about thirty years ago. Picked up two socks on two circulars from Sheron Goldin on the Sockknitters site. She had a class: Cybersocks 2 Socks on 2 Circulars, back in 2003, and I never looked back. Currently I’ve got 10 (mini) stockings, 20 stitches, going on a set of size 1 circulars. My first try at more than two at a time.

  • I have fallen in love with the ADDI flip-sticks and when I can find them, I purchase what my budget can afford. I avoided anything knit with double points for years because they were slippery. The bamboo change shape over time and the long, loopy method isn’t for me. We invest in good fibers, knit for those we love and all of us have a preference for the tools we use.

    • I bought these addi ones several years ago on a trip to Maine. The person who sold them too me was clueless as to how to use them. Sadly, they sit unused in a drawer. Maybe 2022 is the year to learn ( 2021 has been good for nothing!)

  • I enjoyed your article!

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this. Back to knitting socks after many years, but on magic loop. So clever. .. ..

  • Great article. Just started to make socks again since there are so many great patterns around. Self taught myself the Magic Loop via YouTube and plan to try the 9” method. Very helpful read.