Sock Skills: Tweaking the Fit of a Short-Row Heel

August 21, 2019

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  • Brilliant! Thanks for this. I have mostly knitted socks as gifts, finally got around to wearing two pairs myself and I am intrigued by the way they feel wonderful and fit fine . . . but – yes, just bit of tweaking would make them perfect. I am looking forward to working through your suggestions.

  • Kate, harika bilgiler. Bir gün yapabilmeyi çok isterdim. Türkiye’den selamlar…

    • Teşekkür ederim. Thank you. (Google Translate to the rescue!)

      • I knitted one pair of knee socks for my daughter. I was so frustrated with instructions that were more advanced than I was. You may just get me over my phobia and give it a try again!

  • THANK YOU isn’t enough! I never considered myself an official Sockist but WAHOOOOOOOOOO! I can now officially leave the Tube Sock gang in the dust. 😉

  • After 40 plus years of knitting socks, you have finally explained why my heels always wore out before the toe. A great big thanks to you.

  • Realizing I can knit different sock circumferences to custom fit different areas of the foot was a game changer!

    My last sock was Flap and Gusset—After the foot, I increased gusset and added an extra 8-stitch pattern repeat to back of leg

    My current sock I’m going to making adjustments on the German Short Row Heel and so glad to come across your suggestions!

  • I am thinking of trying an afterthought heel for the first time. I have a high instep and haven’t measured yet but have a feeling I will have your results. Can I do an afterthought heel on 36;of my 64 stitch sock?

    • Absolutely, the same advice applies for afterthought heels!

  • Kate, your book is great and helped me understand how to craft socks that finally fit (high instep). Thanks so much for this article, Kate, Ann, and Kay!

  • I have both of the books about custom fitting socks and the knitting dictionary. I really appreciate your detailed instructions in this post and your book on sock knitting. Thank you for going the extra mile for your readers.

  • Knitted my late husband socks for over 30 years
    Have learnt lots from your site

    • I am a beginner..struggling along but loving the walk(giggle). Working on slipper socks in bulky..14 stitches in heel and the instructions given for 10 stitches..I am baffled..any suggestions would be marvelous..Mimi