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  • I picked up this book from the library this week. I can’t wait to delve into it.

  • Thank you! I’m going to check it out. Making is an integral part of who I am.

  • This is my favorite book lately. I have it on my ipad so I can keep rereading!

  • I first learned of this book through an MDK post. I borrowed it from my local library and have been reading it for several weeks. It is great because it is easy to read a section, put it down, and reflect on that writing before delving in again. I have been in tears more than once as I have read. Making is essential in my life. It is who I am. (Friends have commented that I would have been a great pioneer!) In reading of the passions of the artists profiled, I come to see myself more clearly. I have also had some great conversations with other makers on the undeniable force to produce things using our own hands. We have pondered why the urge is so strong in some individuals to craft with our hands. I think each human possesses this desire, but some have not yet found the way there. My apologies for this long post, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book! My library copy is going back soon and I will be purchasing my own copy. Thanks, Ann and Kay, for sharing this book and the excerpt with readers…and makers!

  • Melanie does such a good job inspiring people in the handcraft world. Her first book led me toward finally getting serious about knitting. What resonates most with me about Craft and handiwork is the decision-making when you are designing even the simplest piece. Which can lead to more confidence and self-realization. Probably everyone should learn a handcraft skill for that reason alone, anything from knitting to whittling, for that matter. Chloe

  • I am. Of course, looking forward to reading this book. Thank you for reminding me that it is already out there.

  • I have the book, but I am waiting to have some time to spend with it. Thanks to MDK for the heads-up, as always!

  • I purchased this book the day that it came out because I was feeling sorry for myself. Holidays are always very difficult and I mentally pre-prepare for the sadness.
    This book was the perfect chance and I encourage everyone to read it as there is profound beauty in the writing.
    You will never look at your hands the same way again.

    • Should be CHOICE

    • Not really a reply, but a comment. I am having trouble with my vision and cannot read right now. I need some to read to me, I guess, for the time being!

      • Hello Kate,
        I have empathy for your vision problem & three possible ideas for it:
        Ask your local library if they have volunteer readers you could meet with to read the book aloud to you, chapter by chapter;
        Contact your local chapter of the Lions Club for local readers-aloud;
        Contact a local senior citizen community center & ask if they have volunteers for this.
        If neither place has volunteers for this, suggest that they organize a volunteer program for it. Your suggestion just might turn into a wonderful community service!
        Best of luck & all good wishes,


  • Thank you! I am so looking forward to this book, and you have definitely whetted my appetite even more with this excerpt.

  • I’ve got time coming up over the holidays to sit with this book, and cannot WAIT. Giving us this excerpt has built that anticipation most painfully – thanks as always, Anne and Kay! 😉

  • Melanie’s new book is just as life altering as her ‘Knitting in America’ was for me. She was born to write these books.

  • I added Making a Life to my wishlist immediately upon reading this post. I was so pleasantly surprised to unwrap it yesterday. I began reading almost immediately, not in the speed reading way of a fun fiction, but a slow considered read and have found it to be wonderfully inspiring. I stopped reading when I felt ‘full’ and will pick it up again today, and tomorrow, and the next day. Thank you, for such an inspiring book Ms Falick!