2020: Planning for Self-Care

December 4, 2019

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  • Love it, love it, love it! This is gentle push I needed to get myself going today. Thank you for concrete & easy ideas & inspirations that I know are well within my grasp to achieve & accomplish if I just slow down & create the space for me to be present.

  • Right on time and right on the money! THANKS!

    May I also suggest, for the more visual/kinesthetic types: a vision board?
    Last January was my first ever vision board workshop, well equipped with snacks AND libations. I made one for 2019 and promptly buried it in the trunk of my car until a few weeks ago. Shocking to see how much of it came true regardless of it being out of sight and yet also satisfying because I must have really wanted those things to manifest.

  • “Plan in solitude and execute in community.” I love it.

  • Max you are a beacon of awesomeness. I’m definitely making a plan that includes what I will say no to. I’m getting better at it, but I still need lots of practice. I still undervalue my own time, or maybe it’s also the trap of “If want the job done right, do it yourself.” Probably and paradoxically both.
    The idea of a hard look at the year is a little scary, even though I know there’s a lot to celebrate.
    Thank you for this, and all of your cheerleading. I would have signed up for your newsletter ages ago, but I just didn’t know.
    I hope you have a joyous holiday season.
    Ps. How do you decide what your words will be? How many do you choose? As lover of the English language, I’m intrigued.

  • Thank you, Max. Lots to think about. 2019 was quite a year for me. Best self-care event: Shakerag Knitting weekend!!! And thanks Ann and Kay — I shared this morning’s letter with my husband. I keep telling him, it’s so much more than knitting. XOXO

    • You are absolutely right about the Knitter’s Weekend. Already looking forward to that little bit of heaven.

  • “Plan in solitude and execute in community” – thank you.

  • Max is the best! I love the idea of a Word of the year and using it to inform my actions and decisions. Thank you again for your continued guidance and wisdom!

  • This would have been really helpful for me thirty-five or forty years ago. Now, in retirement (but still very busy) I take a more casual approach, though I do still plan for the big things (like vacations!). My word of the year for 2019, which was never a secret, was “nevertheless.” It was a wonderful word to live by!

    • WHAT a good word! Love it.

  • Some of us are not planners, and really should not be. We may let Destiny or other intuitive elements guide us. However, activities like finding words for the year may support an interior search for our path. Thank goodness for a diversity of paths, and thank Max for thoughtful exercise ideas.

  • Wow. That was a really interesting read. Although from my own point of view most of it could have been written in a foreign language. I have such massive admiration for you people who can plan out a year (even roughly). I can’t even manage to make a plan for tomorrow – and if I did I don’t suppose I’d manage to stick to it lol. I will pass the link along to my sister in law though – she’s the planning type.

  • So many good ideas! I plan to add to my goals the things I will say “no” to – and, definitely a word for the year!