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  • Thanks for the giggles this morning as I await my hip surgery! Love that pencil case for the bujo. Great idea.

    • Giggling is the best medicine! Wishing you a speedy rehabilitation, Ing.

  • Off topic a bit…watch the new season of “The Kaminsky Method” on Netflix. Paul Reiser (from Mad About You) is *almost* unrecognizable. Now back to your post

  • Kermit asks that you do NOT put washi tape on him, but feel free to decorate his food dish. Plz and Thx, from Kermit.

  • I use a bullet journal and made my own pen case with a piece of elastic and cute fabric. Made three separate channels so I could place pens and ruler in case. Very handy since I tend to misplace pens.

  • “in case you are procrastinating something”
    Called it!

  • Loved Mad About You. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  • I love these journals. I use them for my bullet journal and other planning stuff too. ♥️

  • What is the pattern for the beautiful grey knitted piece with the blue bullet journal on top? Love, love.

    • Ann made a log cabin piece using sequence knitting patterns from Field Guide No. 5–so not exactly a pattern.