Lazy Sunday: Jenny Slate

By Kay Gardiner
November 3, 2019

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  • I wish I had had that “death” line when I used to wear a lot of black, all the time 🙂
    This looks great and goodness knows I can use the bellylaughs!

  • She was also the Life Coach in Maria Bamford’s Lady Dynomite! So funny!

  • Hilarious thx for sharing!

    • GAH! Marcel! I am SO glad you included that link, I might spend all day on YouTube now but I am worth it.

      • My house circa middle school days is responsible for at least 500K of the Marcel Youtube viewings. WE LOVE him/her/them/shell.

        • Yes, Marcel is so binge-worthy, first time and every time. I’ll definitely queue her stand up–love her.

  • Guess I am from another era. I do not like so much swearing.

    • I’m not sure it’s era. Just different strokes….

  • Maybe Nana made it!