How to Make Bobbles—After the Fact

By Ann Shayne
October 22, 2019

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  • My faith in bobbles has been renewed. Now to order my Big Wool.

  • Thank you Ann for knitting this! I can’t wait to see your stripey version – the colors look so good.

  • So could you make a second set of bobbles and attach them on the back side, maybe purl side up? Then your wrap would be completely reversible!

  • I have always disliked making bobbles but this tutorial makes it much more fun than my previous methods.
    And I am in love with this yarn

  • How efficient of you; thanks for that and your knowledge! (((( Also, I see you use the Russian through the front ‘purl’ stitch technique for option #1, perhaps all the others…….I call it ‘combined continental’ and use it, too for straight purling/knitting,,,,,when doing lace work, I go back to continental purling.

    Oh, I’ve never seen anyone BO with their fingers! ((:

    Thanks again!

  • Ah, watched all the vids, how smooth you are, Jen…..TY!! ((((((((((( Quilt ties……new term for me but I have indeed used them while……..quilting…..on the top side, of course! Yes. I learned a different term for them, I think, from this same MDK…..going “Commando!” Seriously… folks talked of the seven (7), I think it was, different ways to finish off the back side (or front) yarn tails.

    I chose ‘commando’, your #7 option and it took about three projects before I could let go of the urge/need to weave in yarn tails…, I now use ‘commando’ …..nothing woven in on the back side…..I trim them up, though to look like as you said, ‘quilt ties!’

    It leaves rather an abstract quality to the work, saves a mountain of time and puts a smile on my face as I think back over the almost 50 years of knitting and 47 years of crocheting and weaving in yarn tails!!

    Quoth the raven, “Not doin’ it now!” LOL!!

    I appreciate you all! DRM

  • I think I’m going to bobble bomb everything in my closet!!