Feeling Unproductive? Here’s a Cure for That

By Ann Shayne
October 8, 2019

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  • Hi Ann!
    Your blanket looks so yummy! I would love to knit one, but I’m packing up – on the move again – so that only leaves socks in my backpack… this time, socks with a difference:
    I completely understand the whole ‘feeling productive vibe: turning left-over carpet yarn – after a ‘rug turned floor cushion’ – I am on pair no 4!!! in 2 days!!!
    I look forward to seeing your ‘after bobbled blanket’!

    • Recently had to edited a pattern……..open the box….took 2 days to discover an error was made….now time to get moving on the project…deb

  • I love your two new words – enbobblement and afterbobble. Wish I could figure out how to use them in a non-knitting context

    • How about cake decorating.

  • Kermit looks like he’s posing for Tinder again!

    • He’s a looker, that Kermit!

  • Wow wow wow! I absolutely love the two Kermit’s worth of stripes. Stripes!! And I can’t wait to see what you end up doing with the afterbobbles. (They are so quick to make – you can lay out and preview your ideas before you commit!) This is going to be good.

    • How do you make bobbles after…I always thought you have to so them as you knit?

      • I think you usually DO have to make them as you knit … but the Bobble Throw pattern in the new Field Guide (“BIG JOY”) tells how to make AFTERTHOUGHT BOBBLES. Pretty cool, huh?

  • That blanket in a weekend is fabulous! Though Kermit looks rather unimpressed…

  • Great blanket — AWESOME Kermit.

    • Agree!

  • Love those two colors together. Can’t wait to see the final result – embobblement and all.


  • Love it.
    Cozy corner and wool. Tops it all.

  • Wow Ann!! Look at you go;) Can’t wait to see your enbobblement, I’m picturing bobbles using every Rowan Big Wool color

  • I love the stripes…how many skeins of each color would I need?

    • Hi Susan!
      I used 4 skeins of the blue, 4 skeins of the light color. Each stripe is most of a skein with a little left over. I’m knitting the border right now and I’m thinking 2 skeins of one color for that. I’m going to use the leftovers for the bobbles.

  • Kermit as a standard of measurement! PURRFECT!

  • Uh, oh. Kermit looks like he’s getting impatient. Where IS Foodlady with his smoked salmon??

  • Beautiful blanket! And love that Kermit — what a guy!

  • I think that the Bobble Throw is officially my favorite pattern from Big Joy! I like the subdued colorway you chose, and can see a case for staying subdued as well as going Crazy with Color on the bobbles. I have actually seen the afterthought bobbles in a book from a number of years ago, and thought then how clever they were! The book is Doggy Knits, and the pattern is Bright and Bobbly, by Anna Tillman. It also calls for a Rowan yarn, the discontinued Wool Cotton. It would be fun to make a Bobble Throw and a Bright and Bobbly dog coat and see which took longer! (I looks like there are more bobbles on the dog coat.)

  • Wow! Speed-knitting! You can be in the Knitting Olympics!

    By the way, are your hands okay with knitting with such large needles? They make my hands hurt after a while. Is there something i’m doing wrong?

    • It’s definitely a different maneuver to knit with big needles–I find I’m working pretty slowly, actually, to make each stitch. And my hands have held up OK, but I can totally imagine it being a problem after a certain point.

  • More Kermit, please!

    • Your blanket is beautiful, and perhaps I am the only one who cannot figure this out, but how does it work as a baby blanket? If you lie the baby on it, don’t the bobbles get in the way? Perhaps it is meant as a car blanket? Sorry for the silly question.

      • Our vision is for it to be a stroller blanket, basically—a snuggler to keep a baby warm when out and about.  Or a lovey to drag around the house until it falls apart.

  • Inquiring minds want to know: What have you been watching/listening to during this project?

  • I hope you let us know how to make an afterbobble.

  • I made a large, loose vest on size 9 needles after a few years of knitting nothing but socks on size 0 or 1. It was laughably fast! I mean every time I held the work up to check progress, I laughed out loud.