Lazy Sunday: Ken Burns’s ‘Country Music’

By Ann Shayne
September 15, 2019

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  • County music and gospel church songs are my sustenance. They truly move me and touch my soul…..and everything Ken Burns produces is amazing!

  • I watched the concert at the Ryman this week and looked for Ann in the audience. The music was wonderful!

  • I love when you post these things! I have watched most of what you recommend and they have all been winners. THANK YOU from my pea-picking’ heart.

  • The concert at Rumania was very special. I am looking forward to enjoying this series. Ken Burns is our national historian. I am thankful for his work.

    • Lovely autocorrect. I meant to write Roman.

      • Ryman?

        • Autocorrect obviously not familiar with the Mother Church of country music.

  • I LOVE Pardon Me!!! Thanks for including that. What a fine hoot!
    While I’m watching Ken Burns I’ll be thinking of MDK. Hadn’t really expected that.

  • “Pardon Me,” May not be there but it should!

    • “Pardon Me” is a sturdy thread in the tapestry of our rich cultural heritage. :)))

  • Living a “fun run” from Bristol TN/VA I’ll be watching the series, of course.
    Should you get the bug to come up this way and visit the Birthplace of Country Music Museum, Carter’s Fold (The Carter Family’s concert venue and absolute holy ground for the preservation of old time music) in Hilton’s, Va.
    Come next weekend Sept 20-22 for The Rhythm and Roots Reunion. 3 days and nights and many many stages of music

  • Well, I think Ken Burns may have greatly erred in excluding your song.

  • I can’t believe Pardon me I didn’t knit this for You ,isn’t going to be featured!!!!! It is my favorite !

  • I can remember the first time that I heard Dolly Parton sing Jolene over 40 years ago

  • Pardon Me is a knitting classic! It inspired this lowly knitting singer to pen classics such as “Great Balls of Yarn”, “Lonesome Skein of Yarn”, & I Like to Sit & Knit After Midnight” to name but a few. Perhaps we need to contact Mr Burns & suggest another topic for him to film. And then, perhaps not!

  • Oh, golly, my Mom loved popular music and one tale with a musical tilt loomed large in her legend. She had just completed high school in her small Montana town, when, barely 18? she took a war-time job in a munitions factory somewhere in Oregon. The owner of a dancehall let her play their piano during off hours, an activity that no doubt helped her cope with all the changes and probably no small amount of homesickness. Did I mention Mom looked like Lucille Ball?
    Seems Bob Wills and the band, The Texas Playboys, came to town, and heard her sing and play. He asked her to dance and promptly invited her to join the band. Now, what about that could turn out well? Mom said she declined the offer, and excused herself from the turn around the dance floor, as, the gentleman had been drinking…. RIP, Mom, you gave it a good go.

    • What a wonderful story!

  • Dwight Yoakam. . . Denim icon. . . Oh YEA ! ! !

  • I can’t wait for this! I recently took up banjo and am obsessed!

  • The t.v documentary you’ve mentioned above was absolutely spectacular. So much so, that I think it may be my parent’s Christmas gift this year. It is how I “discovered” Rhiannon Giddens. It rekindled my love of the classic Country music greats. And while I too was appalled that pardon Me, I Didn’t Knit That For You was not included, I was so pleased to see you mention it here. You have both introduced me to, and reaffirmed my love for so much music…all I can say is thank you.

  • I loved this series but then I could listen to Peter Coyote all day. Husband asked me why I was following it – “you don’t even like that music” – I said “for the history’ and yes, I do like some of it. Hank Williams was such a surprise, so many songs in such a short time.