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This is a little book chock full of love. And great big knits that come together fast.

With great joy, we welcome a Field Guide that will give us all a season of knitting gifts for those we love.

Modern Daily Knitting Field Guide No. 12: Big Joy.

Order your copy right here.

The designer is someone we have admired for many years: Jen Geigley.

Jen’s point of view is modern, whimsical, fun.

The Designs?

The five patterns in MDK Field Guide No. 12: Big Joy play with scale, texture, and color in such a joyful way.

Brambleberry Cowl: A rich texture to wrap around your neck.

Main Squeeze Cardigan: A cozy cocoon—this sweater knits up in a snap. The mix of texture, proportion, and basic technique makes this project fun as a knitter’s first sweater. In 11 sizes.

Stripey Scrappy Hats: We are big believers in getting a groove on and making a batch of gifts. The more of these you make, the more inventive the color combinations will become.

Rubble Hats: Stranded fun and a cute shape combine for a modern, witty design. A hat that brings a smile.

Bobble Throw: The secret to this throw? The color bobbles are added after knitting the blanket. This allows plenty of fun in playing with color and design–how many bobbles? Which colors?

The Yarn?

All the designs in MDK Field Guide No. 12 call for Rowan Big Wool, the fluffiest, softest merino imaginable. It’s big. Real big: the chunkiest yarn we’ve ever offered. These designs all use size 11 or 13 needles (8mm or 9mm), so that’s a clue to how quickly these projects will knit up. (Addi Rockets right here.)

We’ve stocked Rowan Big Wool in 14 colors. This beautiful palette is pretty much foolproof—all the colors play well together, which is one of those miracles that Rowan is famous for. See the whole range here.

A Season of Generous Knitting

What’s ahead? So much. We’re planning a bunch of ways for us all to knit together. Jen’s big heart has inspired us, so we hope you’ll join in as we get started on our holiday knitting.

And yes, there will be pie.

As always, thank you for supporting all that goes on at MDK with your purchases!


  • Fabulous! Love it all! I’ll be picking up at my LYS shortly.

  • who doesn’t love a quick and super fun knit? Congrats, Jen! That cardigan goes straight to the queue!

  • So cute. I thought this might be a solution for the Rowan Ribbon Twist in my stash (hoarder) bins but it is super bulky. I must have some bulky yarn somewhere….

    • On Ravelry, I think it says super bulky.

      • Okay, I am in. Went through the stash/hoard and found 8 skeins of Noro Furisode.

        • These do look like great beginner projects.

  • I bought the PDF right away but couldn’t get it to download –

    • Woohoo So excited to see my faves: Big yarn, Big needles!!! That cardigan is calling me;) Thx for these designs, Jen Geigley is my new favorite designer!

    • Check your email?

  • Dreamy cardigan! Great colors!

  • After reading the downloaded book, I want to make Every. Single. Thing. Including the pie. You’ve done it again!

  • Oh this is so exciting! So many bright and fun knits will be popping up in no time.
    Hooray, I have a Stripey-Scrappy Hat ready to go.

  • Woot. Lots of bulky yarn in my stash. Off to buy and thank you for introducing me to a new, rad designer!! Yippie!!!

  • This field guide speaks to me on so many levels! I can’t wait to get mine!

  • Hooray! My favorite big yarn, big needles projects! Can’t wait to get the book and start digging through the stash. There’s pie too? Double Hooray!

  • How much ease are we talking about for the Main Squeeze, please? It’s just yummy.

    • Hi Shearwater,

      The finished measurements for all 11 sizes are on the Ravelry page here:

      You’ll see that positive ease of up to 2 inches or so is implied in the difference between bust size and finished measurements, but ease is up to the knitter on this cardigan without shaping.

      I usually want 3 or 4 inches of ease for a garment like this myself, so will probably go up a size or two from my actual bust measurement, and then just adjust sleeve and body lengths as needed.

  • Delighhtful. As always. I love your field guides.

  • These look fun, quick, and easy! I am especially intrigued by the sweater, though I see that it is knit flat. I have only sewed up short seams before, as, like many knitters, I prefer knitting to sewing. It does seem like a good practice garment for seaming, however!

    • Hi Laura,

      The body of the cardigan is knit in one piece up to the armholes, and the sleeves are knit in the round. So you will have to practice those long seams on another garment!

  • Field guide looks great! And what a fun name, Big Joy 😀

  • These are all so cute! But, man, I feel like I’m rowing a boat or something when I knit with needles that big!

  • Gorgeous knits! I love the play with texture theme!

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