The Wonderful, Woolly World of Karida Collins

By Kay Gardiner
June 28, 2019
Field Guide No. 11 is a concise introduction to sock knitting that could keep you in colorful, texture-filled socks for life.

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  • I am such a fan of NFC’s gorgeous yarn, and Karida herself (as a fan girl, only met her once at Rhinebeck) Her work in yarn and community is inspiring!

    • Fan here, too. Met her and Ann Weaver both, at Stitches West some years ago. Two of my yarn heroes.

  • Karida is a lovely woman and an amazing, talented yarn artist. She also has an gift of remembering people (and their names!). I have NFC’s yarn in my sock stash and am also a fan gitl!!

  • Such pretty yarn

  • Another fan girl here. The very first sweater I knit that fit (thank you Amy Herzog) was in NFC studio worsted. Still one of my favorite sweaters.

  • What is the name of the cowl Ms. Collins is wearing in the picture (and the yarn it’s knit in)?

    • It’s High Street by Karida’s fellow Baltimorean, Ann Weaver.

      Here’s the Ravelry link:

      Thanks for asking!

      • Thank you Kay! Oooh it’s worsted weight (my fave) held with her Loft. Scrumptious MDK doesn’t carry her worsted yarn, right? And it’s put up in 400 yds!! I’d love to get my hands on that!!!

        • Her Studio Worsted is LUSCIOUS. And yes, 400 wonderful yards, so fewer skeins for a big project. I’ve used it for so many projects.

          If MDK and/or your LYS don’t carry it, you can order directly from Karida on her website.

    • I was wondering the same thing!

    • I have long been a fan of Karida’s yarns and colors. I just received my order of Banksy in fingering weight to make a Tegna. Glad we’re on the same page again.

  • I’m swooning over Swoon.

    • Same here!

  • What gorgeous colors!!!!!
    Must look away

  • I was fortunate to visit “the Neighborhood” IRL because My Little Sailor is stationed near Baltimore. The Studio is located in an historic firehouse in downtown Baltimore, with the shop above. What a delightful experience! My Little Sailor thinks I will return “to visit HIM!” ROFLMAO

  • Neighborhood Fiber Yarns are yummy — I first discovered them at Vogue Knitting in NYC; lovely colors and lovely hand. So glad other people are discovering this yarn!

  • Karida you are awesome though I am not yet a knitter! LOL!