The Wandering Socks Knitalong Is Coming!

By Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne
June 17, 2019

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  • I’m psyched! This will be my first KAL. Let the games begin!

    • My mind is anxious to try socks again but my heart is fearful. The last attempt was a fiasco. 20 yrs now the half a sock is languishing in a drawer. Help.

  • #mdkmyfirstscok #mdkwanderingsock ##shakeradsockblank. Holy Moley, I am in.

  • Okay, I now have a deadline for my current project…because I WILL be joining this KAL (my first!) on day one!!

  • This will be my first KAL too, and I’m also psyched as I just got word that my Field Guide 11 is on the way. With You Tube instructions from Very Pink, I just transferred a second sock I started years ago from double pointed to Addi flexi flips, and I’m going to try to knit my socks on them. So far so good after a few rows. Has anyone knit socks on them? Woo Hoo — socks for Christmas!

    • YES! I love the bamboo Flexi flip needles, they’re my current favorite. I’m less apt to pull out a needle with stitches on it instead of the blank one, and less laddering occurs. They take getting used to but I like ’em.

  • I’m happy to think of all the first-time sock knitters who will be gaining confidence, momentum, and a new favorite fallback WIP through this KAL. The world simply cannot have too many sock-knitters, IMO.
    *waving a sock on DPNs like a flag*

  • So excited! I’m going to use my sock blank from Shakerag! Now to decide which of the beautiful stitch patterns to use!

  • Very sure and all in on Wandering Socks Knitalong. Vaguely uneasy about Chaco-sock combo but known to have tried on half knit sock with Birkenstocks.

  • What a fun reason to try knitting my first socks!

  • Ooo, hoping to hear from Kay about her choice to knit on 2 circs — or maybe I just need to search the archives! I’ve got a second sock on some DPNs already, but I will try to fit the next pair (always my car knitting) into this KAL ~

  • Are any of the patterns applicable for knitting two at a time on circulars? I just did that and LOVED not having to start all over with#2.

    • Yes! I just started a pair from Wanderlust and so far it has been easy to adapt her instructions to two circulars, which is what I like best.

  • What weight yarn?

    • I must admit, I’m a sock knitter to the point where it’s almost shameful. I currently have 6 WIPs and cast on another last week. I have decided to stop buying new needles because I get the itch for a new cast on. So, I will be a good girl, and finish one of my current WIPs to free up needles for this KAL. I’m very interested to see how the panels of textured stitches play with the semi solid yarn I have in stash. Sock knitting never gets old for me. I’m excited about the KAL.

  • How much yardage for 2 socks using the MDK yarns?

    • In general, if you allow 200 yds for each sock, you’re in the ballpark. A small woman’s size will use about 180 yds, a grown man’s big ole foot will take the full 200 and maybe a tad more. YMMV

  • The only time I don’t have a sock OTN is when I’ve just finished binding off the second of the previous pair and haven’t cast on the new one yet – but there is always more to be learned about socks!
    I learned yesterday my new FG is on its way – can’t wait. (Probably won’t Knitalong, since life in our house is about to get really busy, but I’ll be following along with what the participants are up to.)

  • Nope. Not knitting socks. Love sock yarn for shawls, though … and LOVE Neighborhood Fiber Arts —- lovely yarn and beautiful colors.

    I’ll be sitting – if it ever warms up – at our local pool knitting a lace shawl from cotton, or reading.

  • Ok you talked me into it!! I will knit my son in law at least one pair for his birthday in August!! You made the sale with the portable and easy instructions. Plus I love your posts and so enjoyed your knit stars episodes. I have been knitting for a long time but have never made socks.

  • I have yarn for a pair of socks I want to make for a friend. Now I know I’ll get them done.

  • For some reason, socks are pretty much the only thing I don’t knit. I’ve knit a couple pair, after mastering hats/mitts/shawls, but then wandered into sweaters and never made it back to sock land. I think it’s time for a return, they are a nice quick knit for summer months!

  • I’ve tried buying the book several times but having trouble with checkout. Is there another site to purchase?

  • I’m definitely in! I love sock knitting! Is it ok if we sub a different heel for the short row heels that both patterns use? A heel flap / gusset heel fits my foot better, so I use it in all my socks.

  • I love Wanderlust! My copy came yesterday and I read it immediately! I will try to ignore my other projects calling for my attention and participate in the knitalong. Today I’ll dive into my stash to find some interesting yarn. I’m tempted to try a toe up pair but I’m not so good at turning the heels on those.. A top down pair might be a better choice for this! I hear some sock yarn calling to me….Later!

  • I would love to knit some socks. However the ones I have knit always get stretched out with use. If I could somehow knit some socks that don’t do that I’d be a sock knitter in addition to sweaters and cowls and shawls and all other knitted things.

    • Lily, you’re not alone. I knit myself some great looking socks, slightly on the snug side, but after a few wearings they are sloppy. Hate sloppy socks. Can someone help Lily and me?
      ps would washing them in really hot water help, maybe shrink them a tad?

  • I received my MDK FG#11 and a hank of Lichen and Lace 80/20 Beach Glass yarn yesterday. Now to join the KAL and make a new pair of socks!